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How to track your Meesho order?

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Online shopping is on the rise, providing users convenience and access to a vast selection of products from our screens. Meesho, a top e-commerce platform in India, stands out for its wide variety of items and easy-to-use interface. After purchasing Meesho, the next important step is keeping track of your order to guarantee a seamless delivery experience.

This article discusses how to track your Meesho order and the meaning of different Meesho order tracking statuses.

Below we have discussed:

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Track your Meesho order

There are three ways to track your Meesho order, and they are explained below:

Through the Meesho app

Meesho offers an easy-to-use app, which makes it easier to track orders. Here are the steps to track your Meesho order through the Meesho app.

  • Open the Meesho app on your phone and tap on the My Order tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • Choose the order from the list that you want to track.
  • Tap on the Track option.
  • Tap on the Open Courier Link. It will take you directly to the Meesh order tracking information.

Through Order confirmation email

Once you’ve ordered something on Meesho, you’ll often get an email confirming your order. This email contains important details like your order number, what you’ve ordered, and most importantly, when you can expect it to arrive. If you want to check on your order, follow this easy method.

Through SMS

Customers on the platform can receive SMS alerts, allowing them to keep an eye on the progress of their orders. Meesho sends automatic SMS updates with tracking details and estimated delivery times as your order gets shipped. It’s important to stay tuned to these notifications to track your order and ensure it reaches you without any issues.

Meaning of Meesho order status

  • Dispatching: This status indicates that your order is currently being prepared for shipment.
  • Ready to Ship: When your order tracking status shows Ready to Ship, it means that the courier service has packaged your item and it’s ready for delivery.
  • Out for Delivery: This status signifies that the package is en route and expected to be delivered shortly.
  • Delivered: Your order status changes to ‘Delivered’ once you’ve successfully received it.
  • Cancelled: If you decide to cancel your order, the Meesho tracking status will show Cancelled.

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