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What is the IoT hidden menu?

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As complicated as the name sounds, it is actually easy to use. An IoT menu is a secret or hidden feature in all android smartphones. What does it do, and why is it there? Not to worry, it isn’t used to spy on you; it is a feature that tests other features on your phone and helps you configure your settings.

IoT hidden menu is one of the secrets held safely by developers. In this article, we will tell you about all the secret codes and how you can try them out on your device.

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What is IoT Hidden Menu?

IoT stands for the Internet of things as in devices with sensors or software to exchange data with similar devices. In a smart device like your android phone, there are many hidden features that can be enabled after getting unlocked. To unlock these features, there are certain codes that can be dialled on the dialling keypad.

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With devices connected to and interacting with the internet, IoT provides a way for users to reset the user interface. A gadget’s settings can be changed according to every user, and it helps diagnose new problems. IoT hidden menu is also known as a System UI tuner.

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Use of IoT hidden features

IoT hidden menu has a number of options or features that show up when certain characters are dialled. By just typing them out on your dialer pad, you are automatically taken to the feature that the code represents. Some of the features along with their functions are:


You can check the working performance of the display by tapping on the colour options present (Red, Green, Blue). The entire screen will get covered with the colour that you tap. These colours also help in identifying damaged pixels or black spots.


When you tap on the Receiver, an eerie sound will come out from the phone. This sound indicates that the receiver is working perfectly. If the eerie sound isn’t audible, then the receiver has an issue.


Tap on this option to test the vibration of your android phone. The phone will keep vibrating if the test is successful; tap on the back button twice to exit.

Mega Cam

This turns on the back camera with rear wide, HDR auto flash On and allows you to test the back camera’s quality and performance.

Grip sensor

A sensor on your phone perceives your hand’s physical touch when you hold your phone. When you tap on it, the screen reads ‘RELEASE’, so when you release your phone, make sure it falls on a safe surface. After falling, it will start vibrating to indicate that you are no longer gripping it; hence, this sensor is working perfectly.

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When you tap on this option. you will be provided with the data regarding all the sensors on your phone, including their function every second. Here, you can see the proximity sensor, accelerometer sensor and fingerprint test.

  • In the accelerometer sensor, you can view the graph coordinates, the graph and an image test. In the image test, a picture of a dog with the x-axis, y-axis and z-axis coordinates will be shown.
What is the IoT hidden menu?
  • In the proximity sensor, the entire screen’s background colour will change to green if you bring your hand very close to the screen. The green colour shows that the proximity sensor is working successfully.


A white screen with black, empty boxes lined around the corners of the screen and making a cross will be shown. A black line will follow when you glide your fingers through the boxes and anywhere over the screen. Over the boxes, these black lines will be followed by a green colour.

What is the IoT hidden menu?


When you tap on this option, a beautiful song will play from your phone’s speakers. You have probably never heard this song on your phone. This option helps you test the speakers and their audio quality.

Sub Key

This option allows you to test the functionality of the volume up and down buttons and the power button. Initially, the screen’s colour will be black or grey, which will change to different colours as you click the buttons one by one. The screen’s colour also changes when you tap on the three menu options at the bottom of every screen.

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Front Cam 

The front cam option tests the performance of your phone’s front camera. It opens with the flash, and you can check the picture quality after clicking a selfie.

Hall IC

This option helps you check if your Hall effect sensor is working. This sensor locks the screen when a flip cover with a magnet is used as a phone cover. It recognises magnetic fields and reacts accordingly.

What is the IoT hidden menu?


You can check the blackness of your screen by tapping on this option. It will show a pitch-black screen, and you can identify the areas where the blackness is lower.

Tap on the back option twice to exit any function.

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Codes of IoT hidden menu

There are numerous codes that open up an entire hidden world of features on your android phones. Some codes are as follows, you can try them out on your own phone as a shortcut method. However, not all codes work on one smartphone. Some might not work on one android phone but may work on another.

*#0*#IoT hidden or secret menu opens
*#0228# Checks battery status
*#3282*727336*# Checks data usage
*#06#Checks IMEI number
*#9090#For diagnostic configuration
*#*#4636#*#*Checks information about phone
*#*#34971539#*#*Shows camera details
*#*#7594#*#*Power off your device
*#7780#Reset your phone
*#*#3264#*#*Displays RAM details

You can go through the following raw data your phone provides when entering the codes in your dialer app. This data can be used for gaining more knowledge about your phone or to change some settings according to your preferences.

What is the IoT hidden menu?

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Importance of IoT hidden menu

Maybe these hidden settings are not as important as almost every user goes by without ever finding out about them. However, once you discover these settings, you can always dial *#0*# to begin using and testing your phone features through the hidden menu. There are a lot of features that this menu tests and it varies according to every android device.

These codes are also available for iOS devices; however, they differ from Android.

Unable to find hidden settings

Since this does not work on all kinds of phones, you may have to keep looking for that perfect code that opens up your IoT hidden menu settings. If you are unable to open these settings on your device, try looking for the System UI tuner.

  • Open your notification bar; on the top right corner, you will find a settings option. Tap on it and try to look for the System UI tuner.
  • It might be in your settings, or you can also try looking for it in the search option.

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