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Top 11 Minecraft island seeds

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Minecraft is one of the most popular sandbox action-adventure games ever. The game owes its popularity to many different factors, including the uniquely generated infinite worlds.

Sometimes these worlds generate some rather amazing sceneries. In this article, we’re looking at the top 11 Minecraft Islands seeds for the game’s Bedrock edition. 

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A simple Island

Seed code: -1924349850

Top 11 Minecraft island seeds

To kick things off, we have a rather simple island with two peaks separated by a valley that’ll give you easy access to rocks you need to mine elements and progress in the game. It’s a good island seed to try out if you’re just starting the game. 

Sandy Island

Seed code: 1622877239

Top 11 Minecraft island seeds

If you’d instead start things off with nothing, this seed will spawn you on a one-block wide beach island in the middle of the ocean with nothing but a bamboo tree. From there on, it’s all on you to build the island or move to the nearby landmass. 

Two biomes in one

Seed code: 139789445

Top 11 Minecraft island seeds

This Minecraft seed spawns you on an island equally divided into the desert and grasslands biomes. There’s no vegetation on the land, so you’ll have to bring your own if you’re looking to build a shelter here. 

Mushroom island

Seed code: -433322459

Top 11 Minecraft island seeds

This tall rocky island will give you easy access to the bedrock layer for mining important minerals like coal and stone. Other than that, you’ll get plenty of trees to get wood to help kickstart your game. As a bonus, the island also has multiple giant mushrooms. 

Vacation island

Seed code: 1710548562

Top 11 Minecraft island seeds

Want an island but feeling too lazy to build your own establishment there? Well, this seed spawns you on an island with a village and outpost ready for you to take over. You also get easy access to stone and sand. 

Island jungle

Seed code: 30019714

Top 11 Minecraft island seeds

If vegetation is your problem, this island will have plenty for you before you clear all the trees out; you essentially get a small jungle biome surrounded by sandy beaches on the shores. 

Wreckage island

Seed code: 90869637

Top 11 Minecraft island seeds

This island features ship wreckage just a few blocks away for you to loot and get a headstart on the game. Besides that, the island is mostly sandy with some trees, enough to get you going but not enough for sustenance, meaning you’ll have to grow your trees. 

Island jungle II

Seed code: 1351026625

Top 11 Minecraft island seeds

The island is similar to the seed mentioned above but gives you easy access to the stone layer and tons of trees to get your wooden tools up and ready. 

Vacation Island II

Seed code: 667433301

Top 11 Minecraft island seeds

This is a pair of islands, with one being full of vegetation and tall (meaning you’ll get easy access to the stone layer), and the other has a village right in the middle for you to trade or loot. There is exposed stone on all sides, so mining shouldn’t be a problem. 

Frozen Island

Seed code: 709546976

Top 11 Minecraft island seeds

If you’ve never been to the frozen biomes in Minecraft, this is your chance to explore the ice without being too far away from the usual landmass in which we often start the game. The island features a village, plenty of trees and a few frozen islands just a few hundred blocks away. 

The perfect island

Seed code: 11020382

Top 11 Minecraft island seeds

This seed gives you, quite literally, the perfect island. There’s vegetation for wooden tools and other resources, villages with their farms to get you started trading, and the island features a broken Nether portal. 

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