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How to lock the Journal app on your iPhone?

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Apple launched a new Journal app designed for users to practice gratitude through journaling. The app allows people to record their daily moments through pictures, videos, and audio recordings.

With the help of machine learning, people will get private and personalised journaling suggestions to enhance their experience further. But what if you don’t want to lock the Journal app on your iPhone so others can’t see your thoughts? Don’t worry; in this article, we’ll explain how you can easily safeguard your memories on the Journal app.

This article covers four topics, including how to lock the app and other FAQs.

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Lock the Journal app on iPhone

The Journal app has an in-built lock setting that you can apply to lock the app on your iPhone. Here’s how to access this setting:

  • Open Settings, then scroll down and tap on Journal.
  • Next, tap Lock Journal.
  • Then enter your iPhone’s passcode to continue.
  • Then tap on the toggle button to enable the lock on Journal app.
  • Then tap on Require Passcode to set the lock after the Journal app has been inactive for a certain period.
  • Finally, select the time range from the four given options: Immediately, After 1 minute, After 5 minutes, and After 15 minutes.

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How to save photos and videos taken in the Journal app?

Sometimes, the photos you take for journaling are so good that you may want to keep them on your iPhone’s storage. Well, there’s good news for you. You can save photos and videos taken in the Journal app in your Photos app.

  • Head to Settings > Journal.
  • Scroll down and enable the toggle beside Save to Photos.

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How to set up a Journaling schedule?

Are you currently busy and want the Journal app to notify you on a certain day and time to continue journaling? There’s a specific setting only for this purpose.

  • Open Settings and then tap on Journal.
  • Tap on Journaling Schedule.
  • Next, enable the toggle beside Schedule and set the date and time.

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How to skip Journaling suggestions?

The Journal app uses machine learning to provide suggestions and ideas for writing the journal.

  • Open Settings and then select Journal.
  • Scroll a bit and turn off the toggle beside Skip Journaling Suggestions.

Thus, we have learned how to lock the Journal app on iPhones, save photos and videos taken in the Journal app, set up a Journaling schedule, and skip Journaling suggestions. We hope that these tips and tricks will help you in writing better journals in the future.

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