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How to fix the Google payment error OR_PMCR_32?

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Users have been complaining about an error code OR_Pmcr_32, appearing about payments not being processed via Google services such as Google Play.

If you have faced similar issues recently, this article lists a few ways to fix Google payment error OR_Pmcr_32.

Fix Google payment error

If you are looking to purchase through Google services such as Google Play but are receiving an error message saying that your payment is declined or won’t process, Google suggests the following steps:

Check the activation status for your profile

Your payment profile could be deactivated. To reactivate it, submit your payment information or any other required information.

After signing into your Google account, go to the Google payments centre and tap the bell icon on the top-right corner.

If a critical alert notification shows, click it and check what information is missing. Enter the required information and wait for a response from the support team.

Look for critical alert notification on your Google payment account.

You will receive the review results in your connected email account.

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Fix errors with your saved cards

One of the following messages appears if there is an issue with your saved credit or debit card:

  • “Unable to process payment: low card balance”
  • “Unable to complete transaction. Please use another form of payment”
  • “Your transaction cannot be completed”
  • “Unable to complete transaction: expired card”
  • “Correct this card info or try another card”

If the error message is followed by instructions asking for additional information to be submitted to Google, you must do so before your transaction can be processed.

  • Issues with saved card information

As of October 1, 2022, the RBI (reserve Bank of India) has passed card storage regulations that disallow vendors to store customer card details like expiry date and card number in a format that doesn’t comply with the new regulations. Customers will have to authorise saving card details in the new format.

Some card networks do not support the new format yet, so the card details will not be saved. Google Play Help states that ‘American Express, Diners, and Discover cards won’t be supported for payments on some Google services (Google Ads, Cloud, Workspace, Play Store, Youtube and Domains) after September 30, 2022’, in India.

  • Incorrect or outdated card information

Once confirmed that Google services support the card you are using as per the new RBI guidelines mentioned above (applicable for India) or regulations about your location, check for errors in the saved card details like incorrect account number or expiry date.

Next, verify the validity of the card by checking the expiry date.

  • Expired cards

If your card has expired and you want to update the card details, sign in to Go to Payment methods and tap Remove on the outdated or expired card.

Remove expired cards.

To update your payment information or method, go to Subscriptions and services, and tap Manage on any active plans. Tap Change payment method to update the information for your saved cards or to link another card for your purchases.

Change payment method.
  • Inconsistency in card address and the address saved for Google payments

Your payment can be declined if there is a discrepancy between the address saved on your Google payments and the registered address for your credit or debit card.

To check and update your address on Google Payments, sign in and tap on Addresses at the top. Check if the saved address matches with the address registered for your card.

Check the saved address.

If not, go to Settings and edit the address on that page by tapping the pencil icon.

Edit the saved address.
  • Insufficient funds

If your debit card has insufficient funds or your credit card has reached its credit limit, your payment will be declined. Check the account linked to your card to see if you have sufficient funds or credit to purchase.

  • Issues with bank account or card

If none of the above remedies resolve the payment issues, contact your bank or card issuer to check if any additional restrictions for your card or account are hindering the payment process.

For instance, RBI mandates the use of cards that allow automatic payments.

Reserve Bank of India regulations require that cards support automatic payments.

Check with your bank to see if your current card allows auto payments. If not, you must update your plan or use a card supporting the requirement.

Try other payment methods

If you cannot purchase with a particular card, try using a different card. You can explore other payment options, such as UPI (Unified Payment Interface).

You can try other payment methods for your Google Play account, like UPI, online banking or Google Play balance. Check the payment methods supported for Google Play in your country here.

The OR_Pmcr_32 error code most likely appears due to problems with your payment methods. However, if none of the methods mentioned above fix the Google payment error OR_Pmcr_32, you can try other options like logging out and logging back into your account, clearing cookies and cache and refreshing the page, or updating the Google services apps you use for purchases.

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