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3 ways to protect your password from hackers

Passwords are one of the most important tools to secure our information on the internet, which includes our personally identifiable information, bank accounts, social media accounts, emails and more.

While there is no foolproof way to generate a password as tools to hack the security blanket keep at par with the advancement in the sophistication of security ecosystems in technological designs.

There, however, is a way to make it harder for any human or a software algorithm to correctly guess your password. You’ll be surprised if you check out the 25 weakest passwords of 2017 that were used commonly worldwide.

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Use multiple characters

Do not only limit yourselves to alphabets while creating a password. You should strongly consider adding numbers as well as special characters ([email protected]#$%^&*+) to your password.

It’s best to create a password that’s a healthy mix of alphabets, numbers and special characters — something like [email protected]!d7echn0!0gy. You can create a similarly patterned password using any other word or even scramble the words to make no meaning at all.

Doing this will make it harder for anyone to guess it by their own as well as make it hard for algorithms to find it out. This way, your account will be safeguarded against any brute-force attack.

Don’t use dictionary words

How to protect your password from hackers? Here are 3 ways

Using words straight out of a dictionary as your password or as a part of your password isn’t recommended as well. There are a number of softwares out there that can run an algorithm to crack codes that carry words defined in the dictionary.

These algorithms are capable of harnessing passwords that are words from a dictionary within a few seconds.

Use a password manager

In this article, we’ve already explained why strong passwords are important, but they might not be so easy to remember. Password managers such as LastPass, Dashlane, Keeper and a few others are here for the rescue.

These help you save your passwords for various accounts on the internet as well as let you generate unique and strong passwords.

All you need to do is remember the password of your password manager and it will remember the passwords to all of your online accounts.

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