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How to repair Microsoft Outlook PST file?

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The purpose of this study is to assess a program for repairing corrupted PST and OST storage files generated by Microsoft Outlook. This tool can be used to save calendar events, contacts, emails, and other archives as PST documents in addition to the inbox.

How to repair Microsoft Outlook PST file?

The Recovery Toolbox for Outlook and its major features are discussed in this article. When Outlook files fail to open owing to a variety of technical problems with the PST file, a software name Recovery Toolbox for Outlook will ensure you retrieve lost Outlook files (PST/OST document) and spare your time.

We’ll teach you how to use Outlook’s Recovery Toolbox to retrieve your PST and OST documents.

How to repair Microsoft Outlook PST file?

Recovery Toolbox for Outlook’s components

Products and costs for Microsoft Outlook Repair Tool

Customers can decide from two plans if acquiring a Recovery Toolbox for Outlook registration for PST fix. Let us examine the benefits of each plan so that you can select the ideal plan for your needs.

Features of the Recovery Toolbox for desktop / offline version include:

  • Repair Corrupt PST: Outlook PST document of every format, including encrypted and password-protected files, can be mended using the Recovery Toolbox for Outlook.
  • Download Packages: The app recovers Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Attachments, assignments, Journals, remarks, and other information.
  • Retrieve Lost Mail Items: Permanently deleted emails, contacts, and attachments can be recovered.
  • Preview All Recoverable Items: Prior to the recovery procedure, you can check and preview all salvageable Mailbox Items.
  • Store in Many File types: After retrieving the damaged document, you can save them as PST, EML, MSG, or TXT documents.
  • Editions of MS Office: Recovery Toolbox for Outlook put back PST things make ready by Outlook 2019 & earlier forms.
  • Open Outlook and import the PST directory: To take advantage of this functionality, you must have Microsoft Outlook installed on your computer.
  • OutlookPST Splitter: Split huge PST files into little ones using different dividing factors. You can split PST files smaller to 2GB for earlier versions of Outlook (Outlook 98-2003).
  • Converter: Every Outlook type, this feature converts MS Outlook Offline OST item into PST document.
  • Manuscript Templates: OST contents that have been changed can be preserved as PST, EML, MSG, or TXT files.
How to repair Microsoft Outlook PST file?

Details of Recovery Toolbox for Outlook

  • Repair PST files works with all browser-enabled devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Repair PST files on any operating system, including Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and others.
  • Virtual machines, support for PST repair functions
  • Does not necessitate the installation of Microsoft Outlook 
  • Does not necessitate the installation of any third-party tools

How to use Recovery Toolbox for Outlook to repair PST & OST files?

Extract items very quickly and easily. To retrieve your lost data, simply follow the procedures below. To begin, you must first download and put in place the free Recovery Toolbox for Outlook.

  • Run the Recovery Toolbox for Outlook app on your pc.
  • It will search the basic retrieval directory for all Outlook items. At the opening display, as illustrated in the image below, you can type or pick the location of the damaged file:
How to repair Microsoft Outlook PST file?
  • By pressing the Directory button, you can select a folder containing purged PST files.
  • Now press the Continue button. Recovery Toolbox for Outlook will remedy every Outlook item at the same time.
  • When Recovery Toolbox for Outlook reads and processes the archive, the articles in the archive will be viewed on-screen.
How to repair Microsoft Outlook PST file?
  • Choose a folder where the restored document will be saved later.
  • After that, you should choose the type of files you want to set aside the restored files as:
How to repair Microsoft Outlook PST file?
  • Finally, you could keep things you just obtained to anywhere you want it by simply hitting the Keep key.
How to repair Microsoft Outlook PST file?


Recovery Toolbox for Outlook is a user-friendly, fast, and secure app that recovers MS Outlook documents in seconds. The tool is very customizable, and the firm provides 24/7 support as well as a wealth of information that explains to users how to recover PST and other file types.

In terms of value and component, personal Registration ($49) is the safest alternative. You could pay $10 per 1GB for an online Outlook repair service. It is kindly valued; all in all, one purchase can provide you access to a limitless file

Finally, we recommend that you test the free version to ensure that Recovery Toolbox for Outlook is the best MS Outlook recuperation fixer.

With the program’s power, yet Outlook recovery tool is unable to recover broken items from an email address. So developers advocate utilizing the demo version to recover data and then analyze the results to see whether the program can cure the problem. The user loses nothing if the application is unable to resolve the issue, and the contents of the mailbox remain unchanged during processing.

If, on the other hand, you receive a favorable result and everything appears to be in order, you must register for the program, after which all restrictions will be lifted.

Outlook repair by Recovery Toolbox is a high-quality, modern, and widely used gadget that can recover your email data better than other similar solutions. As a result, it is worthwhile to pay attention to.

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