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How to reset your Valorant rank?

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Valorant is Riot Games’ latest FPS shooter title that has taken the world by storm. The game combines tactical gameplay with unique character abilities to make a fluid, fast-paced shooter experience.

The game much like most of its competitors offers a competitive game mode for serious players to test out their skills against each other. There are also ranks that help determine what a player’s skill level is and how they should be lobbied up during matchmaking.

In this article, we’re going to be talking about whether or not you can reset your Valorant rank and start afresh.

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Can you reset your Valorant rank?

The short answer is, no you can’t. Unless of course you delete your account and start again.

If you’re logging into the game after quite some time, 14 days to be exact you’ll see that your rank is no more visible. However, the game only hides your rank when you’re not active and it’ll show up when you finish your first competitive match after coming back. 

How to reset your Valorant rank? | Candid.Technology
There are a total of 22 in-game ranks in Valorant

There’s also no decay in rank caused by not being active. Your first competitive game after coming back is going to influence whatever change you notice.

There is, however, a way to get around this. You see, Valorant has seasons and the ranks get a soft reset after a season ends. This soft reset puts players in ‘abridged placements’ to quote Riot. 

You’ll get your rank back after playing three games. However, these initial games will heavily determine what your new rank will be in comparison to your rank last season. 

This means that you can gain (or lose) rank more easily during the start of a new season depending on how you perform. However, more often than not, players get ranked slightly lower than what they were ranked the last season.

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