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YouTube symbols and icons explained

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YouTube is one of the most popular streaming apps in the world. However, with a user base amassing millions of users worldwide, it is important to have an interface that’s easy to navigate with icons that indicate their purpose. 

To make it easier to understand, we’ve divided YouTube icons into three categories — home screen, Shorts tab and the video player.

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Home screen icons

Here are some of the icons you’ll see on the home screen of the YouTube app.


Shown as a rectangle with a WiFi symbol in the bottom left. 


In-app notifications are usually shown with a bell icon. 

Shown as a magnifying glass.


Shown as a compass. 


Opens the YouTube Shorts tab, indicated by the Shorts logo. 

Create/Upload video

shown as a plus sign in a circle. 


Shown as cascading boxes with a play icon. 


Shown as stacked boxes with a play icon. 

Youtube Shorts tab

Here are some of the icons you’ll come across in the YouTube shorts app.

Create Short

Indicated by a camera icon in the top right. 

Like/Dislike video

Shown as a thumbs up or down.


Shown with a chat icon.


Shown as a right-pointing curve.


Shown as two circling arrows.


Shown as the typical red YouTube subscribe button. 

YouTube Player icons

Here are the icons you’ll see when playing a video on YouTube.


The play button is represented by a right-facing triangle. This changes to two vertical bars when the music is paused.

Next and Previous

These buttons are shown as forward and back arrows. 


Shown as a rectangle with a WiFi symbol in the bottom left. 


Shown as a down arrow in the top left.


Shown as a toggle switch on top of the video. 

Closed Captions

Shown with a box with CC written. 


Usually shown with a gear cog icon. 


Shown as a split square. 

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Yadullah Abidi

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