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How to transfer images and videos from Nintendo Switch?

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Sharing moments from games on social media is common — especially when they are amusing. A lot of Nintendo’s first-party titles seem to have a lot of moments like these. To help share them, the Switch comes with an in-built screenshot and video recording feature, which can store the media on the external storage.

Since a PC doesn’t recognise the Switch as a media device, you may wonder about how one can transfer these files from the console? This guide lists the steps you need to follow to do just that and more.

Press the Capture button — square with an inscribed circle — on a left Joy-Con to take a screenshot or hold it for five seconds to record the last 30 seconds of gameplay — not all games support the record function.

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How to transfer images and videos to Windows/macOS?

To move images and videos from Nintendo Switch, you will have to transfer them to the external storage and then copy the required content to your computer.

The Nintendo Switch supports microSD cards of up to 2TB to store screenshots, videos and games.

Transferring images and videos to External Storage

Below are two methods that will allow you to transfer images and videos onto external storage, followed by a guide to help you transfer from the external storage to your PC.

Method 1: From Album

This process copies a single image or video at a time to your external storage.

Step 1: Open Album.

Step 2: Select an image or video and press A on your Pro Controller or Right Joy-Con.

Step 3: Choose Editing and Posting.

Step 4: Choose Copy within the menu that appears.

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Method 2: From System Settings

Step 1: Open System Settings.

Step 2: Select Data Management and scroll down to Manage Screenshots and Videos.

Step 3: Choose Manage Screenshots and Videos.

Step 4: Select System Memory.

Choosing Manage Individual Images and Videos will redirect you to the Switch’s album application and require you to follow steps listed under From Album.

Step 5: Select Copy All Screenshots and Videos to microSD Card.

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Transferring from external storage to Windows/macOS

After you have turned off your Nintendo Switch, removed its microSD and inserted it into your computer, follow the steps listed below.

Use a microSD Card Adapter or dongle if your computer does not have the required port.

Step 1: Open File Explorer/Finder and locate the microSD to view its content.

Step 2: Select the folder named Nintendo.

Step 3: Now, click on the folder named Album.

Step 4: Navigate through Album to locate the images you require. This will contain sub-folders titled after the year, month and the date on which the screenshot or video was taken.

Year, month and date folders (left to right).

Step 5: Copy and paste the desired screenshots to your local storage.

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How to upload photos from Switch to Twitter or Facebook?

If you desire to share short clips or images from games, Nintendo Switch also allows you to upload them directly to either Facebook or Twitter. Follow the steps listed below to learn how to upload photos from Switch directly to social networks.

Step 1: Open Album.

Step 2: Select an image or video and press A on your Pro Controller or Right Joy-Con.

Step 3: Now choose Editing and Posting.

Step 4: Select Post or Post in Batch..

Choosing Post in Batch will allow you to select multiple images or videos to upload at once.

Step 5: Select the user with whom you want to upload content. Each user can have their own social media accounts logged in at once.

Step 6: Choose the social network to which you want to post the image –Twitter or Facebook — and login to your account.

In this image, I have signed into my Twitter account.

Step 7: Edit the caption if desired and click on Post to Twitter (or Facebook based on which platform you choose).

If desired, you can save the uploaded content on to your smartphone or computer from the respective social network.

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