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Why is the Truist app not working? Quick Fix

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Why is Truist app not working? 9 fixes

Truist financial corporation is an American bank holding company; it is the 7th largest bank reaching over 10 million households.

Truist bank has a free banking app for Truist customers. The Truist app allows you to make deposits and pay your bills and payments, so you feel more comfortable and safe even while travelling.

In this article, we have discussed why the Truist app not working and the nine fixes that will help you to resolve the issue.

What are the causes for the Truist app not working issue?

Here are five possible causes for the Truist app not working issue:

  • The Truist app server is down
  • You might be using an Outdated app
  • Storage problem
  • Poor Internet connection
  • You might be using a VPN while using the app

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How to fix the Truist app not working issue?

Here are nine fixes to resolve the Truist app not working issue:

Check the server status of the app

If the app is not working, then there may be some technical issues in the app server. So check the server status if you are facing this issue.

Update the app

You might be using an outdated version of the Truist app, which is why the app is unable to run, so check for the app’s update and then run it again.

Clear some storage of your device

Sometimes apps stop working when they don’t have enough space to store the data, so clear out your device’s cache memory and storage and check the app again.

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Check your Internet connectivity

The Truist might not be getting a stable internet connection, causing trouble in running the app, so check your internet connection.

Do not use a VPN while using the Truist app

If you are using a VPN while using the app, then the app will not run, so always check that your VPN is off while using this app.

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Restart the app

Your app might have some complications, so you can always try restarting it because that usually solves most temporary issues.

Re-login to your Truist app

Your app might be having trouble connecting with your profile, so you can try logging out and logging in, which might solve the issue.

Re-install the app

It is possible that the app got corrupted or something happened to its code which might be causing the issue, so try uninstalling and then reinstalling it from your app store.

Restart your phone

If none of the fixes mentioned above works for you, then you should try restarting your phone because sometimes some apps conflict with each other and restarting your phone will refresh everything.

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