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Twitter is fixing auto-refresh bug that made tweets disappear from timeline

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Twitter is working on a fix for an auto-refresh bug that made tweets disappear from the timeline even when the people are reading it; the issue has been prevalent on the social networking platform for quite some time.

Twitter announced in the early hours of Thursday that they’re working on a fix for the issue, which will be rolled out over the next two months as the company also revamps the way the tweets are shown to people.

According to Twitter, the auto-refresh bug arose because of the need to keep timelines fresh and make sure people don’t see the same tweet again “since some convos can evolve quickly”.

The update promises to keep tweets from disappearing mid-read while keeping the timeline fresh.

Last month, Twitter announced a visual overhaul and unveiled a new proprietary typeface called Chirp. Earlier this month, app researcher Jane Manchun Wong revealed the subscription tier list for Super Follows on Twitter, which starts at $2.99 per month.

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CT Editorial Team

CT Editorial Team