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How to upload a photo on Google?

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Google’s search algorithm contains billions of pages, which are visited by billions of people each month and landing up on the first page of Google’s search, especially when you key in your name is surely exciting. While there is no foolproof method for getting yourself on Google’s first page, there are certain ways that can help you upload photos on Google, and increase the chances of them showing up when your name is searched.

In this article, we have explained three methods that can help get your photo on Google search.

Method 1: Upload a photo to a website or blogging platform

Websites and blogging platforms are a great way to upload your images and ping Google’s algorithm to index them. You can publish quality articles on the websites that have a broad user base and can gain reputation among the public as well as Google’s algorithm. Make sure to add a short description and add the right keywords while writing an article.

Google’s algorithm shows the search query based on various factors like location, previous searches, language, among others. Make sure you write on the topic that is currently trending and make sure to include all the keywords. This will help the search engine’s crawlers to crawl through your article and index them.

If you have done everything right, the article will be on the top page depending on the keyword difficulty and quality of your article. If a considerable number of your articles make it to the top page, there is a high chance that you can see your image by searching your name. So, it’s actually about mastering search engine optimisation.

If you are using blogging platforms like Wordpress or Blogger, you can add your image on the websites About us page. Here are the steps to upload an image on the Wordpress blog.

Step 1: Open your blog and then tap on the profile picture at the top right of the screen.

Step 2: Click on Click here to change photo option and then select an appropriate image from the hard drive. Similarly, try to add your profile photos on other blogging platforms. Read Google’s Webmaster guidelines for more details. Also, write an appropriate alt-text on the images that you will upload — your name alongwith other relevant keywords. Search engines usually use image alt text as a default indicator or description while indexing them.

Method 2: Upload photo on a social network

What all data does your browser collect about you? Here are 7 typesThe social network market has expanded considerably over the past decade with major players like Facebook and its other subsidiaries like Instagram boasting a billion-plus userbase. Now, you can create your account on various social networking websites ranging from pure image-based (Pinterest) to camera-based (Snapchat), work-based (LinkedIn) and others.

Make sure to upload your profile photo and keep it public on these platforms. It may raise some privacy concerns, but it is a great way to come up in Google’s search engine. As in the case with websites and blog, make sure to keep up with what is trending and post contents on that topic. For example, use the hashtag feature of Twitter to tweet on trending topics.

Also, you will have to post regularly to gain followers who will then share your post across various platforms. This, in turn, causes a ripple effect and will increase your popularity.

Method 3: Upload a photo on Google Drive and make it public

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage platform, which lets the user access the files from any location, thereby eliminating the need for hardware-based storage. It is also an excellent platform for sharing files and folders and thus a right platform for you to increase your online presence.

If you already have a profile picture on Google Drive, here are the steps to make it public. First, upload the photo on Google Drive (refer to our guide to do that here). Now that you have uploaded the picture here is how to make it shareable to the public.

Step 1: Right-click on the photo and then click on the Share option.Step 2: Click on Advanced option at the bottom right of the window.Step 3: Under the Who has access heading, click on Change. We have set privacy as Private. You might have a different setting here. Step 4: Select the option at the top — On-Public on the web. After that, configure the Access setting. Make sure to implement as much fewer restrictions as you can. Then click on Save. Now, your photo is public, and anyone can search it via any search engine. Make sure to name the photo on your original name or the name that people will search on the internet.

By following the above steps, you can increase the chances of your name appearing on Google’s search list. Make sure to keep the photos public and write SEO friendly articles to come up on the top page. Read Google’s Webmaster guidelines carefully and try to follow each instruction as it is. Keep posting regularly on social media and try to engage with the audience. If you have a blog, make it accessible and user-friendly.

Keep hustling and hope for the best. If you have other tips that we haven’t mentioned above, do tell us in the comment section below and share the article if it helped.

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