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Visual voicemail is currently unavailable: Quick Fix

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The ‘Visual voicemail is currently unavailable’ error is one of the many errors that you might witness if you own an iPhone. It can happen due to faulty carrier settings or minor bugs in iPhone’s system.

In this article, we have listed 6 ways by which you can fix the error ‘Visual voicemail is currently unavailable’.

Update iPhone

Your iPhone might be outdated, and you have missed out on a few important patches. So, you should first check for updates and then proceed further.

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To update your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Software Update. If there is an update available, then tap on Download and Install.

If there is more than one update available, then you need to install the latest one.

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Restart iPhone

This looks like a simple fix but it can be the most useful one. Several minor bugs and glitches are fixed by restarting.

Go to Settings > General > Shut Down and then wait for the device to turn off.

After some time, boot the device using the power button.

Use Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode is used when you are boarding an aircraft. While this mode is on, you cannot send or receive any signals on your device. This is done so that there is no interference with the aircraft’s communication system.

When you disable and then enable the Airplane Mode on your iPhone, it refreshes the connection and can fix the error.

Open Settings and then tap on Airplane Mode. It will automatically turn on. Wait for a few seconds, and then turn the toggle off.

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Change voicemail password

You can try to change the voicemail password to rectify the error. Here are the steps to do the same:

  • Go to Settings > Phone > Change Voicemail Password.
  • Enter a new password and then tap on Done.
  • Re-enter the password again and confirm by again pressing Done.

Turn on Cellular Data

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Go to Settings > Cellular and then turn on the toggle for Cellular Data.

Also, make sure that the toggles for Settings and Phone are also on. You can locate these two settings by scrolling down.

Reset network settings

When you reset network settings, you will lose all the saved configurations, such as WiFi passwords and VPN settings.

Follow the steps given below to reset the network settings:

  • Open the Settings app and then go to General.
  • Select the Reset option.
  • Now, tap on Reset Network Settings and follow the instructions.

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