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What is Aeroplane mode and what does it do?

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Aeroplane mode or flight mode is a setting in your mobile or laptop which turns off the device’s cellular connection, Bluetooth, WiFi and any other wireless services. In short, this feature makes you go offline for a while. However, emergency broadcasts and certain important messages can be broadcasted.

As the name Aeroplane mode suggests, you should use this setting while flying, but you can also use this setting anywhere. Aeroplane mode was originally designed to make flying safer as the cellphones might emit the electromagnetic interference.

What does Aeroplane mode do?

Aeroplane mode stops all the network activity on the device. Let us briefly see the effect of Aeroplane mode on different settings.

  • Bluetooth: If the Bluetooth is active while you turn the Aeroplane mode on, it will automatically turn off. However, you can turn on the Bluetooth and can pair it with other devices available.
  • WiFi: The same goes for WiFi — if it is active while you turn on the Aeroplane mode — it will automatically turn off. But you can go to your device’s settings and can turn it back on.
  • Cellular data: You cannot turn on the cellular data while on Aeroplane mode.
  • GPS and other services: Aeroplane mode turns off the GPS service on your device. However, you can turn it on and use it alongwith WiFi to connect to apps such as Google Maps.

Why should you use Aeroplane mode? 

You can use Aeroplane mode for several reasons which we will list below.

  • While flying: Airlines recommend using the Aeroplane mode while flying. As we have explained above, the devices emit electromagnetic interference which can compromise the safety of the airline.
  • To save battery: As Aeroplane mode turns off most of the battery sucking applications, it is a good option to use if you have less battery life. Also, turning on the Aeroplane mode while charging the phone helps in faster charging. Turn off the phone for even more faster charging.
  • To go offline for a while: If you are tired of the notifications, turn the Aeroplane mode on and be in peace. However, do not extend this as it might worry the loved ones.
  • Read messages on Whatsapp and other applications: Let us consider a scenario where you have received a Whatsapp message and you do not want to let the sender see the blue tick while also simultaneously wanting to read the message — this is the option for you. Just turn the Aeroplane mode on and then read the message.

You should note that all the offline activities of the phone are active and you can use them even while the Aeroplane mode is on.

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How to activate the Aeroplane mode? 

Here, we have explained how you can turn the Aeroplane mode on in Android as well as in iPhone.

Activate Aeroplane mode in Android

To activate Aeroplane mode in Android, follow the instructions given below.

  • Go to the Settings of your device.
  • Tap on Network and Internet option.
  • After that, tap on Advanced.
  • Turn on the Aeroplane mode toggle.

Activate Aeroplane mode in iPhone

To activate Aeroplane mode in iPhone, follow the instructions given below.

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Turn the Aeroplane mode toggle on.


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