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3 things that changed in the new Wear OS update by Google

Google has redesigned the face of its Android smartwatch interface — Wear OS — as it now provides quicker access to notifications and information, smarter health coaching and help from Google Assistant.

Easier notification access

3 things that changed in the new Wear OS update by Google

With the new notification stream, Google has changed the way you interact with notifications — browse, take action or dismiss.

To access notifications on a smartwatch running Wear OS, swipe up and you’ll be able to see notifications one after the other.

The built-in smart reply allows you to quickly respond to important messages without exiting the stream. Swiping down on your watch will also get you quick access to features and shortcuts like Google Pay or ‘Find my phone’.

Smart health coaching

3 things that changed in the new Wear OS update by Google

Google Fit app was recently updated with two new features — Heart Points and Move Minutes — and these features are also available on smartwatches running Wear OS.

Enhanced Google Assistant

3 things that changed in the new Wear OS update by Google

The new assistant on Wear OS will give you proactive and personalised help with things like your travel information/itinerary in the quick access menu, which can be activated by swiping right.

Google assistant will also help you with suggestions for things around you, like a restaurant, and weather too. It also alerts you for reminders, keeps a track of your meetings, and also warns you if there might be a delay in your commute.

Just like Google Assistant on Android Pie that understands more about you the more time it spends with you, it will do the same with Wear OS and will become more helpful as time passes.

These features will be rolled out in September 2018. Some features can vary depending on phone OS, watch or your location. Wear OS works with phones running Android 4.4 and newer (except Go edition) and iOS 9.3 and newer.

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