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What is HubSpot? What does it do?

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.Just within a span of a few years, Hubspot has created an integral mark on the corporate world. With over 30,000 companies and organisations relying on it to make their marketing planners and strategies and build their sales strategies for growth in their revenue generation sector.

If you’re interested in inbound marketing, you must have come across HubSpot. It’s a pretty big platform, and with all the industry jargon being thrown around, it’s kind of hard to guess what they’re offering.

In this article, we’re going over what HubSpot is and what the company offers in terms of services and tools.

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What is HubSpot?

According to the company, HubSpot is a complete CRM platform with all the tools you might need to improve your business, including lead generation, accelerating sales, streamlining customer service or even building a more robust website.

Hubspot is specially designed for corporates to help them execute and build their inbound marketing planners and strategies for the efficient and effective running of their organisation by keeping them distinguished and distinct from the competition.

Essentially, it’s a software platform designed to help your company market better and eventually sell better and more effectively.

What is HubSpot? What does it do? 

The company started back in 2005 when they offered resources for marketers, including tools and resources that helped companies get started with inbound marketing. They built one cloud-based platform where all of a company’s marketing efforts can be collected and managed.

Now, the company offers that same software in the form of a CRM, otherwise known as Customer Relationship Management which anyone can use for free. They also offer additional software for sales, marketing and service departments, all of which can work together.

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What does HubSpot do?

The HubSpot CRM offers tools you will need to build and grow your customer experiences, generate more leads and eventually drive more sales.

The CRM also features a suite of sales productivity tools that automate things like managing spreadsheets and other menial tasks. In addition, there are tools to help organise communications for customer support teams and tracking and reporting tools for customers, leads, and any users you might have.


Nowadays, with growth in internet usage, everyone has access to blogs over the internet. Blogging is an integral and vital promotion and marketing strategy used by many companies and organisations.

Hubspot has all the bloggers and marketing planners covered by providing a simple yet efficient platform to write and publish blogs. It filters any important content of your blogs by adding essential keywords from said blogs, making it easier for the reader to find what they want.


Hubspot helps organise and find keywords and other important words that can help quickly find what to read and what other blogs have covered according to your searches by showing relevant blogs. The marketing planners can also get an edge over the others by getting their blogs on SEO advice.

Hubspot’s Sydney office

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Advertisement and Marketing

Advertisements at any time or platform are the most attractive and simplest form of promotion for marketing planners. The Hubspot advertisement works for the promotional activities of an organisation.

Market Automation

Market Automation helps the market planners to execute personalised prospects engagement workflows. They are created for prospect alerts and activities to facilitate the best experience for sales.

Social Inbox

Hubspot provides a platform to increase social media reach and connect to your target audience to enhance sales revenue and helps promote the organisation to attract more audiences to the company.

It makes your social media interactions simpler without investing time and effort.

Website Building

Hubspot also allows marketers to bring out their designing skills as it offers the market planners the ability to design and build their websites without the help of a professional designer or an IT assistant. In addition, personalisation for each customer is also available on this software, which helps cater to each person‘s demands and requirements.

HubSpot products

Apart from the primary free to use CRM, the company offers the following products both for free and with subscription plans.

What is HubSpot? What does it do? 
  • Marketing Hub: Marketing software for growing traffic and leads.
  • Sales Hub: Sales CRM for closing more deals.
  • Service Hub: Customer support software.
  • CMS Hub: Content Management Software for building websites (paid only),
  • Operations Hub: Operations software to make your systems work together (paid only).

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Inputs from Yadullah Abidi and Ishika Aggarwal

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