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When is BeReal today? BeReal notification time explained

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Bereal, a social media app, is the rock that is making splashes in conventional social media waters. The French social media app initially came out during the pandemic but is finally gaining traction in mid-2022. Bereal allows you to see your friends for real.

At any point of time during the day or night, you can get a notification to click a photo for Bereal. It only gives you two minutes, hence not taking much time, and uploads the captured image. By doing this, Bereal ensures that you and your friends can see each other for real. A new age app that removes all filters from our lives.

This article we explain when is Bereal notification time, and other frequently asked questions around the Bereal notification time.

How often do BeReal notifications appear every day?

Bereal notifications appear only once in 24 hours, and as soon as it arrives, it asks you to click on the notification. It opens up your front and back cameras to click a photo of you and the scene in front of you. The camera also has a timer of only two minutes. The clock starts as soon as you click on the notification sent by the Bereal app.

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Are BeReal notifications random?

For now, yes, they appear at random times of the day to catch you off-guard and show your friends the real you. Bereal’s server is divided into four time zones: the US, Europe, West Asia, and East Asia. The notifications are released in the time zones at different time frames. So far, they are unpredictable, and no pattern has yet been deciphered.

You can also choose your preferable timezone from the four options by opening the Bereal app and following the given steps:

When is BeReal today? BeReal notification time explained
Changing the Bereal time zone
  • Tap your profile picture or name icon in the app’s top-right corner.
  • Your memories will open up in a calendar form. Again, tap on the three vertical dots at the top-right corner of the photo to open up settings.
  • Tap on the Time Zone option.

This way, you can change your time zone to suit your needs. However, your current Bereal will be deleted, and you can only change the time zone once a day.

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Can you retake your BeReal photo?

Yes, you can re-take your Bereal by deleting the photo taken when you clicked on the notification. Bereal will ask you for a reason behind the deletion and re-confirm your action. This removes your contribution and, in turn, restricts you from viewing other people’s Bereal photos, including your friend’s and Discover accounts. You can upload one as soon as you delete your original one because unless you do, you will not be able to view anyone’s Bereal photos.

How to retake your BeReal photo?

Open the Bereal app and follow the steps mentioned below.

When is BeReal today? BeReal notification time explained
Retaking your BeReal
  • Tap on the grey cross at the top-right corner of the photo.
  • This will remove the older photo and prepare the camera for another shot. Keep in mind that the timer will not stop. Your phone will vibrate multiple times to remind you of the ticking clock.
  • In the final result, Bereal will also mention how many times the photo was retaken.

How long does a BeReal notification last?

A Bereal notification comes randomly for only two minutes a day. During this, you can click on the notification, take your photo and upload the image. You can also caption the captured image. Since it can happen anytime during the day or night, you can be camera-ready or go natural. Remember that the two-minute timer cannot be paused; however, you will have enough time to redo your photo quickly.

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Is the time of a BeReal notification predictable?

As of yet, Bereal has been ahead at keeping the algorithm of their notification timings a secret and thus unpredictable. As months pass by, some users have been trying to predict the timings accurately. Here, we have also been keeping a close watch and have estimated the desirable time when the Bereal notifications appear.

They happen to occur between 09:00 am to 23:59 pm. Usually, in your time zone’s waking period.

At what time do BeReal notifications appear?

The Bereal notification timings are chosen randomly every day and are different for all four time zones. The notification is sent at the same time in a time zone.

It is yet to be determined whether this takes place according to a fixed algorithm or at someone’s whim.

However, if you want to guess the approximate time for Bereal notification, we can help. In the tables given below, statistics for daily Bereal notifications have been compiled:

1st03:35 PM05:54 PM11:58 PM08:29 PM
2nd12:01 PM12:01 PM10:57 AM10:02 AM
3rd01:18 PM01:29 PM06:48 PM03:00 PM
4th02:53 PM03:54 PM11:41 AM02:40 PM
5th01:28 PM11:34 AM10:03 AM07:07 PM
6th11:46 AM03:18 PM10:09 AM01:16 PM
7th05:41 PM08:18 PM06:02 PM08:08 PM
8th08:34 PM09:12 PM01:58 PM10:47 AM
9th01:40 PM01:16 PM07:51 PM06:33 PM
10th09:14 PM09:49 PM09:34 PM08:48 PM
11th03:04 PM06:33 PM10:06 PM02:22 PM
12th06:49 PM02:29 PM03:01 PM
13th01:59 PM08:41 PM12:44 PM03:11 PM
14th02:54 PM07:45 PM02:25 PM02:10 PM
15th08:47 PM11:21 PM10:19 PM02:02 PM
16th12:17 PM12:48 PM11:09 AM03:02 PM
17th07:34 PM08:55 PM01:39 PM05:48 PM
18th08:48 PM05:52 PM08:00 PM08:49 PM
19th04:35 PM09:44 PM07:00 PM06:25 PM
20th03:02 PM01:36 PM10:25 PM01:13 PM
21st06:52 PM03:40 PM01:07 PM10:35 PM
22nd07:26 PM06:08 PM05:51 PM02:29 PM
23rd10:50 AM09:13 PM06:40 PM01:21 PM
24th08:57 PM08:57 PM03:35 PM06:49 PM
25th04:51 PM05:52 PM09:59 PM12:43 PM
26th08:40 PM10:25 PM12:34 PM05:47 PM
27th10:29 AM03:46 PM05:13 PM12:08 PM
28th03:21 PM03:45 PM12:18 PM02:30 PM
29th04:49 PM03:49 PM05:05 PM11:38 PM
30th01:16 PM07:14 PM10:48 PM03:12 PM
31st06:24 PM09:46 PM12:35 PM06:42 PM
BeReal March 2023 notification timings

1st06:14 PM02:18 pm11:32 AM11:02 am
2nd03:04 pm10:27 am03:24 pm07:54 pm
3rd10:21 pm08:00 pm07:39 pm08:46 pm
4th02:41 pm03:50 pm10:13 pm09:25 pm
5th01:12 pm12:43 pm11:24 am02:40 pm
6th11:07 am09:02 pm12:55 pm04:06 pm
7th01:58 PM01:05 PM08:03 PM12:41 PM
8th09:22 PM10:35 AM02:40 PM01:47 PM
9th07:59 PM12:35 PM03:24 PM02:32 PM
10th03:06 PM07:52 PM06:02 PM11:13 AM
11th09:11 PM06:25 PM01:03 PM07:04 PM
12th06:27 PM01:27 PM09:31 PM11:52 AM
13th02:55 PM03:44 PM06:27 PM04:43 PM
14th06:42 PM06:05 PM06:55 PM05:31 PM
15th10:12 AM12:21 PM08:06 PM06:46 PM
16th05:16 PM07:04 PM12:43 PM03:38 PM
17th12:17 PM08:49 PM04:38 PM05:13 PM
18th02:25 PM01:49 PM01:53 PM03:08 PM
19th06:07 PM05:13 PM05:56 PM01:20 PM
20th11:08 AM11:46 AM05:21 PM09:30 AM
21st08:10 PM11:38 AM12:39 PM01:21 PM
22nd12:05 PM09:19 PM09:10 AM12:36 PM
23rd11:28 AM08:01 PM02:57 PM09:02 PM
24th03:38 PM11:39 AM03:55 PM06:31 PM
25th11:15 AM07:12 PM03:52 PM04:59 PM
26th04:35 PM06:29 PM10:17 AM12:27 PM
27th05:26 PM03:43 PM05:52 PM08:38 PM
28th02:04 PM06:11 PM09:52 PM07:03 PM
BeReal February 2023 notification timings

1st01:55 pm04:50 pm09:16 pm01:32 pm
2nd08:53 pm07:09 pm10:54 am05:02 pm
3rd07:33 pm09:40 am12:25 pm05:25 pm
4th12:41 pm01:24 pm07:57 pm12:33 pm
5th07:18 pm11:43 am12:30 pm11:13 am
6th11:45 am05:41 pm01:50 pm05:44 pm
7th01:52 pm01:50 pm05:20 pm09:27 pm
8th09:07 pm07:28 pm02:00 pm12:13 pm
9th03:17 pm05:36 pm10:59 pm11:26 am
10th03:07 pm11:41 am12:36 pm01:02 pm
11th01:38 pm06:32 pm09:46 pm02:24 pm
12th06:30 pm12:59 pm12:40 pm06:09 pm
13th09:55 am03:29 pm06:34 pm01:14 pm
14th04:23 pm11:13 am01:57 pm09:31 pm
15th08:25 pm07:58 pm09:40 pm05:51 pm
16th03:27 pm06:25 pm10:38 am09:37 pm
17th08:36 pm04:09 pm09:50 pm11:12 am
18th09:58 am06:56 pm02:41 pm01:56 pm
19th02:49 pm10:32 pm06:42 pm07:43 pm
20th07:39 pm07:13 pm01:55 pm12:40 pm
21st02:32 pm01:29 pm04:50 pm08:36 pm
22nd08:49 pm07:57 pm05:41 pm01:52 pm
23rd01:30 pm06:51 pm10:58 am09:15 pm
24th06:06 pm03:38 pm11:58 am04:45 pm
25th08:57 pm08:25 pm12:44 pm02:35 pm
26th08:25 pm06:03 pm05:02 pm08:50 pm
27th02:55 pm11:56 am06:27 pm05:57 pm
28th05:51 pm09:22 am11:27 pm02:29 pm
29th04:27 pm06:43 pm07:23 pm09:12 pm
30th07:13 pm10:01 pm07:04 pm08:20 pm
31st09:14 am05:59 pm07:28 pm12:19 pm
BeReal January 2023 notification timings

1st7:09 pm11:43 am7:19 pm5:41 pm
2nd7:27 pm2:03 pm6:44 pm10:34 pm
3rd12:09 pm11:29 am6:57 pm8:54 pm
4th7:54 pm1:45 pm7:00 pm9:38 am
5th2:56 pm6:49 pm9:37 pm9:08 am
6th5:50 pm4:32 pm9:14 am10:36 am
7th12:23 pm8:28 pm11:47 pm12:44 pm
8th11:45 am12:56 pm6:28 pm8:57 pm
9th7:41 pm6:28 pm8:23 pm8:25 pm
10th7:21 pm9:30 pm6:43 pm8:30 pm
11th11:56 am2:49 pm11:24 pm9:20 pm
12th9:26 pm7:33 pm4:18 m1:34 pm
13th10:20 pm02:33 pm12:21 pm1:24 pm
14th11:33 am1:56 pm6:02 pm2:08 pm
15th12:34 pm6:09 pm1:38 pm6:38 pm
16th9:36 am6:51 pm10:52 pm3:57 pm
17th7:09 pm3:34 pm9:47 am2:37 pm
18th9:43 am5:43 pm10:21 pm5:29 pm
19th3:49 pm7:40 pm9:08 am1:12 pm
20th3:01 pm12:19 pm12:16 pm1:30 pm
21st10:12 am12:20 pm8:39 pm1:23 pm
22nd12:11 pm8:36 pm5:23 pm7:02 pm
23rd10:16 pm10:45 pm11:24 am6:49 pm
24th7:20 pm8:34 pm1:21 pm1:13 pm
25th7:42 pm1:42 pm8:08 pm8:55 pm
26th5:08 pm5:44 pm6:25 pm8:36 pm
27th12:03 pm6:22 pm10:13 pm3:32 pm
28th2:16 pm11:20 pm9:19 am1:50 pm
29th1:46 pm3:50 pm5:11 pm12:50 pm
30th5:52 pm10:42 am5:30 pm5:45 pm
31st10:59 pm11:58 pm4:01 pm1:35 pm
BeReal December 2022 notification timings

November 2022USEuropeEast AsiaWest Asia
2022/01/1112:48 pm9:58 am8:39 pm1:10 pm
2022/02/115:35 pm6:08 pm10:49 am12:12 pm
2022/03/119:12 am1:37 pm9:05 pm12:26 pm
2022/04/1111:44 am3:28 pm2:04 pm2:21 pm
2022/05/1111:03 am4:03 pm4:39 pm12:15 pm
2022/06/113:11 pm8:01 pm11:04 pm9:43 pm
2022/07/115:23 pm12:49 pm9:42 pm7:33 pm
2022/08/1102:50 pm07:02 pm10:46 pm11:09 pm
2022/09/112:30 pm8:08 pm10:14 pm2:55 pm
2022/10/1112:09 pm5:01 pm11:21 pm2:00 pm
2022/11/112:46 pm8:21 pm11:49 am2:15 pm
2022/12/112:43 pm7:43 pm3:26 pm8:44 pm
2022/13/112:48 pm9:43 am12:58 pm11:40 am
2022/14/1111:56 am5:04 pm3:01 pm12:25 pm
2022/15/118:40 pm2:03 pm4:03 pm11:04 am
2022/16/1111:29 am11:45 am6:09 pm01:21 pm
2022/17/119:32 am2:43 pm12:40 pm1:14 pm
2022/18/1110:46 am3:34 pm9:00 pm6:40 pm
2022/19/1110:39 am2:51 pm6:04 pm1:40 pm
2022/20/115:10 pm4:13 pm2:41 pm5:04 pm
2022/21/115:06 pm6:31 pm8:35 pm9:42 pm
2022/22/116:22 pm12:20 pm2:18 pm3:40 pm
2022/23/112:00 pm5:05 pm1:11 pm6:30 pm
2022/24/114:42 pm3:03 pm10:35 am12:46 pm
2022/25/119:24 pm5:23 pm10:03 pm9:25 am
2022/26/1110:01 am7:14 pm12:17 pm1:47 pm
2022/27/118:27 pm4:14 pm3:34 pm5:21 pm
2022/28/1110:02 pm6:51 pm12:09 pm5:31 pm
2022/29/1111:04 am10:02 pm6:56 pm1:46 pm
2022/30/112:44 pm4:38 pm11:04 am2:00 pm
BeReal November 2022 notification timings

October 2022USEuropeEast AsiaWest Asia
2022/01/106:45 pm5:21 pm12:05 pm2:34 pm
2022/02/105:01 pm3:31 pm12:50 pm5:08 pm
2022/03/1010:43 am9:13 am9:40 pm10:13 am
2022/04/1011:52 am1:33 pm2:12 pm7:02 pm
2022/05/107:14 pm10:15 am12:52 pm11:18 pm
2022/06/102:06 pm10:18 pm11:45 pm2:35 pm
2022/07/103:05 pm2:48 pm9:46 pm11:57 am
2022/08/1011:35 pm9:02 pm3:51 pm5:41 pm
2022/09/105:36 pm7:51 pm1:19 pm4:41 pm
2022/10/104:22 pm8:12 pm6:58 pm3:09 pm
2022/11/1010:00 am2:51 pm1:09 pm4:43 pm
2022/12/103:40 pm9:42 am2:44 pm10:31 pm
2022/13/101:21 pm04:39 pm12:59 pm9:29 pm
2022/14/1010:54 am2:11 pm10:01 pm10:04 pm
2022/15/104:05 pm12:38 pm3:44 pm1:13 pm
2022/16/1011:40 am1:29 pm10:41 am2:34 pm
2022/17/102:26 pm5:25 pm6:12 pm05:22 pm
2022/18/1012:54 pm10:55 pm2:12 pm7:07 pm
2022/19/109:59 pm5:30 pm3:00 pm3:28 pm
2022/20/1012:59 pm8:45 pm11:26 pm12:07 pm
2022/21/106:27 pm9:54 pm6:26 pm5:24 pm
2022/22/1011:33 am4:26 pm7:03 pm03:02 pm
2022/23/106:12 pm12:23 pm12:50 pm8:31 pm
2022/24/1010:57 pm11:21 pm2:20 pm10:48 pm
2022/25/1011:11 pm10:23 pm10:56 pm3:08 pm
2022/26/1010:22 pm9:33 am11:02 pm3:49 pm
2022/27/1010:24 am8:31 pm1:40 pm11:05 am
2022/28/101:50 pm2:33 pm3:19 pm4:27 pm
2022/29/105:37 pm9:29 pm11:41 am8:22 pm
2022/30/106:27 pm1:22 pm3:09 pm11:57 am
2022/31/109:42 pm7:42 pm11:59 pm1:25 pm
BeReal October 2022 notification timings

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What happens if you miss a notification?

There is no need to worry when it comes to Bereal. If you miss the notification as soon as it pops, you can always get to it before the day ends. Bereal will show you and your friends the number of hours after the notification when you post your photo.

When is BeReal today? BeReal notification time explained
Missing BeReal notification

Unlike Snapchat, your streak will not break, and you can upload a new photo any other day if you are busy. However, unless you post a Bereal, you will not able to see anyone’s Bereal.

Can you share your BeReal photos?

Not at all; you can share your Bereal photos on any other social media platform. Bereal also allows you to add a caption beneath your Bereal image. Your friends can also comment on your Bereal photos. A share button is also at the top-right corner of your Bereal photo. When you click your Bereal photo, you also get an option to disclose your location.

When is BeReal today? BeReal notification time explained
Sharing your BeReal

To make your account public, tap on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner. In the options shown, tap on Select your audience, and from the two options shown, you can tap on Discover to publicly display your Bereal photos. Daily your photos will be added to the millions of Bereal posts you can find on your Discover feed.

How to delete your BeReal photo?

You can follow the steps given below to delete your Bereal photo successfully:

When is BeReal today? BeReal notification time explained
Deleting your BeReal
  • Tap on your Bereal photo of the day and wait for the photo to enlarge.
  • Now tap on the top-right corner above your photo on the three vertical grey dots.
  • From the options present, tap on the last one, which states, Delete my Bereal.
  • Bereal will present you with some options for deleting the Bereal photo. Tap on the option that is most applicable to your situation.
  • When the option has been selected, press on, Yes, I’m sure. This ensures that your Bereal photo is deleted.

Remember that deleting your Bereal will automatically draw a curtain for you over others’ Bereal photos. You will have to upload another Bereal to view your friend’s or anyone else’s Bereal.

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