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Fix: Windows could not prepare the computer to boot

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Some windows users are facing Windows could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of installation error while installing new windows or upgrading the existing windows version. The error asks you to restart the installation but it gives the same error even after restarting the installation process.

In this article, we have discussed the causes of windows could not prepare the computer to boot issue and four fixes to help you resolve the issue.

What causes Windows could not prepare the computer to boot’ error?

Here are a few possible reasons that might be causing windows could not prepare the computer to boot error:

  • Too many devices are plugged into the PC.
  • The BIOS of the PC does not support the Windows version you are trying to install.
  • Installation media is not prepared properly.
  • Corrupted system file.

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How to fix the Windows boot issue?

Here are four fixes that will help you in resolving the windows could not prepare the computer to boot error:

Remove the extra peripheral devices from the PC

If there are too many peripheral devices connected to your PC, they might interfere with the booting process and will show errors as your PC won’t be able to read the installation media properly. So remove the peripheral devices that you don’t need during the booting process like USB devices, headphones, and extra hard disks. After removing all the extra devices restart the PC and windows installation process.

Make sure your BIOS supports the windows version you are trying to install

If you are trying to install Windows 11 or trying to upgrade to Windows 11 then you must check your BIOS version, if your BIOS does not support the newer OS then it will not install on your PC and will keep showing the error. Similarly, if you are trying to install older versions on a new laptop or desktop it will show the same error. So try installing a newer version of Windows if you are trying t install an older version and if you are installing the newest version then try installing an older version of windows.

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Make sure the installation media is set up properly

The most common reason for most of the errors during the installation process of Windows is that the installation was not set up properly, a bad installation media will lead to many different errors and most commonly cause the error you are facing now. So if you are not sure whether your installation media is set up properly or not then you can simply create it again, make sure to download and create it from the official Microsoft site.

Delete the partitions

It is possible that there are some corrupted system files then you have to delete the partition in which your Windows are installed. Many users have resolved the error after deleting the partitions and then starting the installation process. To delete a partition follow the steps below:

  • Boot up with Windows installation media (USB/DVD).
  • On the first screen. Press SHIFT + F10 to enter the command prompt.
  • Type diskpart and press enter.
  • Type list disk and press enter.
  • Type select disk C, and you can replace the letter C with your partition alphabet.
  • Type clean and press enter.
  • Type exit and press and enter.
  • Again type exit and press enter.

This will remove all the data from the disk, so always keep a backup of your important data.

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