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What is xResolver? Top 7 alternatives

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In today’s fast-paced world, there are various ways to get the IP address of a person. One of them includes using the Gamertag of the said person and looking for them on xResolver. Playing games on Xbox or PS is always fun; you get specific Gamertags and get to try out old and new games.

So, what is xResolver, and how is it related to Xbox or PlayStation? This article answers these questions and gives you seven alternatives you can try out in place of xResolver.

What is xResolver?

To put it simply, an Xbox resolver or xResolver, even known as PlayStation resolver, is a web-based database that contains IP addresses. It includes an IP address based on Gamertags that a gamer sports. Their website states them to be ‘Gamertag to IP address resolver’ for players using Xbox, PlayStation, and computer games regularly.

What is xResolver? Top 7 alternatives

Thus, xResolver contains an Xbox resolver that scraps data, including an Xbox player’s username, their IP address, and their ISP address using bots.

The PlayStation resolver, also a part of xResolver, does the same for gamers who use Sony’s PlayStation. This website is a double-edged sword: it can help you identify if your fellow anonymous player is a hacker, alongwith exposing your information to prospective hackers and imminent DDoS attacks. Although, the website claims the following:

  • The exposed information is already public in nature, so this is not illegal. However, it depends on the way this information is used.
  • You can have your Gamertag and other private information blocklisted or removed from paying the website a certain amount. Not a recommended tactic.

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7 best xResolver alternatives

As there is always a second option, the internet provides access to several websites that grab IP addresses. These alternatives will aid you by providing safe and hassle-free gaming, otherwise interrupted due to hackers. Some of these alternatives are as follows:


This website filters out packets and decrypts usernames in them. It links the IP address to the username in PlayStation games and lets you retrieve packets from games on Xbox. This works for PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Windows.

It is a reasonably priced service and is easy to install and use, in addition to constant support and helpful tutorials. It is malware-proof and is one of the features of xResolver.

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This website grabs IP addresses from your Xbox console and boots fellow gamers, thus allowing you to win. Can you do anything to win a game? Well, this is one extent which a gamer can grab the IP address and send an attack to boot another gamer offline.

In the spirit of unhealthy competition, the website even provides you with a detailed tutorial on how to boot another gamer by pulling up their IP address. It organises layer four and layer seven attacks to boot people offline.

PS4 Booter

Similar to its counterpart, Xboxonebooter, this website follows the same methodology in booting. It grabs, pulls, and boots IP addresses for PS4 players. This PS4 booter teaches you to boot people offline through your PS4 console.

It also educates you on the use of VPN while playing games on your PS4 as it reduces lag, protects you from DDoS or booter attacks and allows you to access games from different countries.

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Lanc Remastered PCPS

This website/app is an open-source network with a database full of Gamertags and helps your resolve any particular Gamertag or username by searching for it in their database. Hundreds and thousands of bots scrape the internet to find Gamertags/usernames and IP addresses in addition to more information.

Since it is already on the internet, this information is public and hence not illegal to unearth. Lanc PCPS has such a database and uses resolver platforms for Xbox Gamertags and PSN usernames. It is a free IP puller and resolver compatible with PC, Xbox, and PSN.


They tell you their pros and cons straight ahead, some cons being only able to work for Windows computers and inability to work for single-player games. This IP puller does not require jailbreaking or illegally hacking into the game software to make changes.

They offer a $ 20-lifetime support payable via Visa, bitcoins, or Paypal and start working instantly after purchase. It works on all consoles and is VPN-compatible.

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IP Location Finder

This is an elementary website that directly shows your current IP address, and a search bar at the top-left shows results for IP addresses, hosts, or websites. It shows you geolocation, timezone, latitude, longitude, ISP provider, and area.

You can also find IP addresses (IPv6 and IPv4) on a website called what is my IP address, where they will provide you with additional information like internet service provider, hostname, country, region or state, city, area code, and approximate location. They also show you how to hide your IP address.


Their algorithms allow you to instantly share Xbox clips and screenshots with your fellow gamer by searching for Gamertags in their search bar. Additional information like IP address, and geolocation, amongst others, are easily available. It is an open-source and completely free website that offers a variety of games.

Resolver precautions

A game is not just a game anymore, with IP addresses readily available and DDos or booting attacks; one needs to look after their security in real life. Follow these simple points to stay off the dark side of the force:

  • Playing games can be made secure if you use a VPN and learn to hide your IP address.
  • Competition can be healthy, so always be on the lookout by checking Gamertags for hackers.
  • Never pay any website to blocklist or remove your Gamertag. Remember, this information is public; if one website removes it, it is hard to say the same for another.

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