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Top 7 YouTube Vanced alternatives

The popular Youtube alternative, Youtube Vanced, was shut down earlier this month and if you’ve been left looking for alternatives, worry not as we’ve got you covered.

Here are the seven best Youtube Vanced alternatives that’ll get the job done.


SkyTube is one of the third-party websites available for all Android users as an effective alternative for Youtube Vanced. SkyTube can be accessed from its official website; alternatively, you can also download the APK version of the app from F-Droid.

Top 7 YouTube Vanced alternatives

With SkyTube, you need not ‘Sign In’ to the Youtube platform to access the videos. It also offers you the liberty to download, bookmark and subscribe to your favourite Youtube channels.

Click here to download SkyTube

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This is one of the top alternatives available out there for Youtube Vanced. In terms of playing music, downloading your favourite videos and much more, the NewPipe’s user interface is far better as compared to Youtube Vanced.

Top 7 YouTube Vanced alternatives

This is an excellent option for all Android users as the app’s interface closely resembles Youtube. NewPipe also offers the feature to cross-play using Soundcloud, Bandcamp and PeerTube.

Click here to download NewPipe


The list of hacks and essential features provided by HookTube’s browser’s interface are truly endless. Country and age restrictions are entirely taken care of with HookTube.

Top 7 YouTube Vanced alternatives

Alongwith basic features like downloading Youtube music and videos, HookTube also gets you access to the quarantined videos available on the platform. The cherry on the top is that it keeps your search data safe from Google.

Click here to download HookTube

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FreeTube is an open-source Youtube client browser that can be accessed through your PC. This website is more focused on providing privacy to all its users.

Top 7 YouTube Vanced alternatives

It restricts Google or other search engines to track the searches using JavaScript or cookies. Like all the other Youtube Vanced alternatives, FreeTube offers you the convenience to watch ad-free videos. FreeTube can be operated from Mac, Windows and Linux.

Click here to launch FreeTube


Situations related to censorship and Youtube restrictions have been handled pretty well by the LibreTube’s algorithm. The app is currently running on the beta version, and for this reason, the users can expect to encounter bugs.

Top 7 YouTube Vanced alternatives

The app has been built in collaboration with Piped, presenting itself as an alternative for Youtube. LibreTube updates quite constantly and it allows its users to block ads and download content available on Youtube.

Click here to launch LibreTube 

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So far, we have discussed multiple alternatives available for Youtube Vanced, which can be downloaded on Android or used online. Now, we shall discuss Minitube which is a desktop application.

Top 7 YouTube Vanced alternatives

In terms of features this application is not as forward as the others apps on this list but, Minitube focuses on customer satisfaction for which, it allows its users to type in key phrases for videos which further generates a series of videos to choose from. The app basically aims to provide a TV-like experience.

Click here to download Minitube 

uBlock Origin for Chrome

uBlock is luckily one of the few browser extensions which works quite well on Chrome and various other web browsers. Blocking ads is the only plus point for using this browser extension.

Top 7 YouTube Vanced alternatives

If you do not want to use third-party apps to view ad-free content from Youtube, you will find the uBlock extension quite convenient.

In terms of functionality, you are only required to access the Youtube platform from Chrome and this extension will automatically block the sponsored ads on the content. Follow the steps mentioned below to download the uBlock Origin extension from your phone:

  • Launch the Chrome app on your phone and search for uBlock Origin and tap on the first link that appears.
Top 7 YouTube Vanced alternatives
  • Tap on the Add to Desktop option and proceed to hit the Add to Desktop on the pop-up dialogue to confirm.
Top 7 YouTube Vanced alternatives

The extension will directly be added to Chrome on your PC.

Click here to add uBlock Origin to your web browser

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Ambika Rani Ghosh

Ambika Rani Ghosh