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How to fix Acrobat Reader error 14?

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PDFs are a great way to share information online. They’re one of the most common file formats in distribution for a reason, but people often forget that the file format has a pretty complex structure in the backend.

Adobe Acrobat Reader error 14 has been plaguing people for several years. One of the main reasons for this error is a corrupt PDF file. So, if someone is using an incorrectly coded PDF generator or doesn’t know exactly what they’re doing, the file created is more prone to errors.

While the same PDF with error 14 in Acrobat might display correctly in Chrome or other Chromium-based browsers, that could be simply because Chrome is a more basic PDF viewer and might not be looking for the elements causing the error.

You can enquire for another copy of the PDF from the creator, but if that’s not an option, here are five ways you can try to fix the Acrobat Reader error 14: “There was an error opening the document. There was a problem reading this document (14)”.

Pro Tip: Press the CTRL key and click on the OK button on the error prompt to display more information about the error.

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5 ways to fix Acrobat Reader error 14

.Here are five ways to fix Acrobat Reader error 14.

Try to repair the PDF

As mentioned above, it’s challenging to repair a PDF. However, these Adobe forum members have discussed some possibilities that you can try out.

Update Adobe Acrobat Reader

Outdate Adobe Acrobat reader can also cause issues while opening files, especially recently created or edited ones. So, updating the app can potentially fix error 14 for you.

To update Acrobat Reader, hover to the toolbar and select Help > Check for updates. An updater window will launch where you can confirm the action.

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Open the file using an alternative PDF editor

Several Acrobat Reader alternatives are available in the market that might do a better job for your needs as far as PDFs are concerned.

Here is our list of the Top 7 Free PDF Editors

Extract the PDF pages

You can also extract the pages from the PDF document using one of the alternative PDF editors linked above.

However, these pages will only open separately in Adobe Acrobat Reader post the extraction.

Save the PDF with a different name

You can also try saving your PDF with another name or creating a copy and renaming that. This has worked subjectively for people looking to fix Acrobat Reader error 14.

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CT Editorial Team

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