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Top 7 AnyDesk alternatives

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Anydesk app allows users to remotely access other users’ systems, desktops or any other screens. Initially launched in 2015, Anydesk operates on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS and even Raspberry Pi.

Like AnyDesk, there are many more applications that enable us to connect with anyone’s screen remotely. In this article, we’re exploring the seven best Anydesk alternatives.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Developed by Google in 2011, Chrome Remote Desktop allows remote desktop connections. The most significant advantage of this Anydesk alternative is that it does not require any app or extension to be added or installed. All it needs is Chrome and a Google account.

Top 7 AnyDesk alternatives

Chrome Remote Desktop is freely available on Windows, Mac, Chromebooks, Android, iOS, and Linux. It is simple to use and ad fast in its functionality, making it preferable for individuals. Unlike Anydesk, it is not as suited for enterprise-grade functionality; hence it may not be as helpful to businesses looking to set up a completely functional mobile application.

You can visit Chrome Remote Desktop here

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Initially released in 2005, TeamViewer is a complete combination pack for remote access, remote support and even meetings online. TeamViewer can also access and control external hardware connected to the system, like mouse, printer and others. Functions like shutting down and restarting the system can also be executed. The application can also be used on the browser, eliminating the need to download it if not necessary.

Top 7 AnyDesk alternatives

The application is free for non-commercial purposes and can operate on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS and Raspberry Pi. The encryption of the application sets it apart from others. It provides not only enterprise-level encryption but also two-factor authentication, ensuring complete safety. The only disadvantage of this application is that sharing huge files is not possible, and as compared to Anydesk, it might be a little slower depending on the bandwidth.

You can download TeamViewer here


Splashtop is an application that allows users to remotely support and access computers from the comfort of their desktop or mobile phones. Released in 2010, it allows remote access for educational institutes, businesses, IT support and help desks.

Top 7 AnyDesk alternatives

Splashtop is free for personal use, while it is chargeable for businesses, IT support and others. Their Business Pro plan starts at as low as $8.25 monthly. They provide unattended access, in-session chats, easy file transfer, device authentication, computer grouping, session recording and many other features. This plan includes multiple features compared to the Anydesk professional paid plan at a much lower cost.

You can visit Splashtop here

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Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is a cloud-based remote access software. It provides concurrent sessions, unattended access, scheduling remote access, grouping, multi-monitor navigation and many others.

Top 7 AnyDesk alternatives

Zoho Assist provides users with a free version for personal use and, with plans starting from $12 monthly, it also provides a free trial. It integrates with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android operating systems.

You can visit Zoho Assist here

ConnectWise Control

Initially launched in 2008 as ScreenConnect, ConnectWise Control is a self-hosted remote desktop software application. It allows the user to provide remote support, run remote meetings and give remote access. It offers remote tools, secure file transfer and chat options.

Top 7 AnyDesk alternatives

ConnectWise Control has a free version, a free trial and a paid version starting at $29 monthly. The supported systems include Windows, Linux, X OS, Android and iOS.

You can visit ConnectWise Control here

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SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support

SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support (DRS) is an easy and secure remote access service. It can be used to start and stop processes, view and delete logs, reboot systems, and copy and transfer files. It is highly recommended for IT support and businesses. It offers session transfer, recordings, screen share, chatting, file transfer and others.

Top 7 AnyDesk alternatives

Although DRS does not have a free version, it does provide a free trial of 14 days, post which you will have to use the paid services only. The supported OS include Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

You can download SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support here

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Released in 2012 by Microsoft, the Microsoft Remote Desktop is an application used for remotely accessing other systems. It can be used efficiently for personal and even business purposes to perform essential functions such as file transfer and remote access.

Top 7 AnyDesk alternatives

The Microsoft Remote Desktop is a free application and does not require Chrome installation for functioning on a Windows device. For mobiles, the application can be downloaded from the respective play stores.

You can download Microsoft Remote Desktop here

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