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Top 9 must-follow subreddits for Apple users

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Community forums like Reddit serve as a place for one to find news, ideas and opinions from all across the world. User-created communities known as subreddits help organise this information according to the genre, allowing users to enjoy the content that they wish to see.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the nine best subreddits related to Apple, which every Apple device user and loyalist should follow.

r/Apple – the unofficial Apple community

Handle: r/apple | Members: 1.5m

Top 9 must-follow subreddits for Apple users | Candid.Technology

Within this subreddit, you will find posts about devices, software, rumours, analysis and opinions regarding Apple. These often cite videos and articles from popular reviewers or websites with users discussing their point of views about presented information in the comments.

Click here to visit r/Apple.

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Handle: r/iphone | Members: 2.4m

If you are looking for information purely related to iPhones, this subreddit is the one to follow. Apart from news, you can find discussions about features, applications, bugs and purchase tips if you are looking to buy a new phone.

Click here to visit r/iPhone.


Handle: r/ipad | Members: 185k

In this community, you will find feature discussions, news and unique setups based around Apple’s tablet device.

With iPadOS the way an iPad can work received a massive overhaul. Thus, if you are looking to buy one, this subreddit should be able to answer a lot of questions or at least help you form a better opinion about your purchase.

Click here to visit r/ipad.

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Handle: r/mac | Members: 1.7m

Within the Mac subreddit, one can expect to find specification comparisons, guides on how features work and answers to doubts about device repairs. Posts about Apple’s generations-old Mac devices also make an occasional appearance, so join it if you are one for nostalgia.

Click here to visit r/mac.

Apple iOS

Handle: r/ios | Members: 122k

This subreddit focusses on iOS and presents vital news about bugs, new features, available applications, and tips and tricks to help make the user experience fluid and simple.

Click here to visit r/ios.

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iOS Jailbreak

Handle: r/jailbreak | Members: 534k

This subreddit contains discussions about jailbreaking an iOS device. Its posts cover tweak ideas, recommendations and tutorials on how to use them.

A subreddit named r/iOSthemes by the creators of this community also shows a preview of what customisations one can expect after having jailbroken a device.

Click here to visit r/jailbreak.


Handle: r/applehelp | Members: 73.7k

Unlike previously listed subreddits which focus on major issues with Apple’s devices, this community helps answer questions related to hardware defects, Apple ID errors or unusual glitches in software to name a few.

Click here to visit r/applehelp.

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Handle: r/AppHookup | Members: 131k

This subreddit is a must-have for customers no matter what OS they use daily. It consists of posts which provide information about price reductions and sales for all kinds of applications.

Click here to visit r/AppHookup.

Buy, Trade, and Sell Apple Devices

Handle: r/appleswap | Members: 34k

As indicated by the name of the subreddit, over here you get deals of all sorts for Apple products. From what we have seen a lot of these are based out of North America with some sellers willing to ship internationally, but if you are looking to sell or buy a new Apple device, this subreddit may be worth your time.

Click here to visit r/appleswap.

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