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How to change Siri’s language?

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Siri is a virtual assistant designed by Apple and released in 2011. It has helped make lives easier by helping people multitask and answer their queries. Be it Japanese, Chinese, or Thai — you can order any dish from your food delivery app, and now so can Siri.

You can change the language that Siri, Apple’s advanced voice assistant, uses to respond to your queries. Whether you are travelling to a new country or learning a new language, Siri can help you in multiple ways when you switch to the required language.

In this article, we will cover how you can change the language of your AI voice assistant, Siri, on your various Apple devices.

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How to change Siri’s language on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch?

The language on your iPhone will be the default language on which Siri is set. You can change the language settings of Siri on all Apple devices including, iPhone’s iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, macOS, and other operating systems.

Follow the steps given below to change the default language setting for Siri on these devices:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on Siri & Search.
  • Tap on the fourth option, Language to change it to your desired language.

You can also tap on the option below called Siri Voice to change the voice in which Siri speaks.

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How to change Siri’s language on Apple Watch?

For Apple Watch, Siri will be set on the same language setting as your iPhone. Apple Watches before Series 3 displays responses from Siri in the form of texts and images. All watches starting from Series 3, include spoken responses from Siri:

  • Head to Settings on Apple Watch.
  • Tap on Siri to alter voice response settings.

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How to change Siri’s language on Apple TV?

Siri will use the language that has been set on the Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD however if you want to change the language, follow the steps below:

  • Head to Settings.
  • Click on General.
  • Choose Siri.
  • Choose the Language option to change the pre-set language.

Remember, Apple TVs do not have a voice response setting like Apple Watch, iPhone, or iPad. hence, Siri will only display text and image results.

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How to change Siri’s language on macOS Sierra?

On your MacBook, with macOS Sierra (version 10.12), you can follow the steps given below to successfully change the language:

  • Head to the Apple menu and click on Settings.
  • Click on System Preferences.
  • Choose Siri.
  • Click on the Language option to change your default language.

You can also change the voice that Siri uses as well as the Voice Variety. If you are unable to hear spoken responses from Siri, make sure the Voice Feedback toggle is in the on-position.

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