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How to delete a text box in Powerpoint?

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A text box allows you to insert text anywhere in a slide. You can use a text box to caption a picture and insert additional information in your slides.

In this article, we discuss how you can insert and delete a text box in Powerpoint.

Delete text box from a slide

Deleting a text box is rather easy. Just place the cursor on the edges of the text box and press Delete from your keyboard.

Make sure to place the cursor at the edges. If the cursor is inside the text box, pressing Delete will wipe out the text.

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Some troubleshooting if you are unable to delete a text box

There might be several reasons that prevent you from deleting a text box in Powerpoint. Here are some of the reasons alongwith the solutions:

  • Additional layers of pictures and text on the slide might prevent you from selecting the text box. Click on the layer and then select Send to back. That layer will be sent to the background and you can now easily select the text box.
  • If several other images and elements are deleted along with the text box then this means that the elements are grouped. Right-click on one of the elements and then go to Group > Ungroup to ungroup them. Now, you can tweak the elements individually.
  • Check whether the text box has been locked either with the Powerpoint Lock Object feature or any other third-party application. If the text box is locked, then uncheck this option from the Selection Pane.

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Insert a text box in Powerpoint

It is very easy to insert a text box in Powerpoint.

Step 1: Open the slide and then click on the Insert button at the top. Press Alt + N to directly go to the Insert menu.

Step 2: Next, click on the Text Box icon and you will see a box on your slide. Alternatively, you can press Alt + X to insert a text box.

To change the size of the text box, place the cursor on the edges and then drag the box as per your preference.

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