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EMZ File: What is it? How to open, edit and convert it?

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There are far too many file extensions to deal with these days. But the ones that matter or are the most popular anyway are relatively well known, and most of us have an idea of how to open and manipulate them.

It’s only when a new extension comes around that we’re baffled with what to do. In this article, we’re talking about EMZ files, what are they and how you can open, edit and convert them.

What is an EMZ file?

EMZ or Enhanced Metafile Zipped files are compressed image files, more specifically called a Windows Compressed Enhanced Metafile file. These are essentially GZIP compressed EMF files, a graphics format used by Microsoft applications including Visio, Word and Powerpoint. A Windows Metafile file is somewhat similar to an SVG in terms of what they contain — bitmaps and vector graphics. 

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How to open EMZ files?

There are several ways you can open an EMZ file.

Using Microsoft Word

Yes, you can import an EMZ file in Word as an image and view it right inside the document. You can either drag and drop the file straight into your Word document or import it using the Insert tab. Not only Word but EMZ files can also be opened in any Microsoft Office program as an image. 

Using compression software

Since EMZs are essentially compressed files, you can use tools like 7-Zip or WinRAR to uncompress them and then access the resulting EMF file in an image editing program like Photoshop. 

If you don’t see any EMF files in the extracted archive, you’ll see EM files. You should be able to rename them to EMF and be able to use them without a problem.

Do keep in mind that while 7-Zip and most other extraction programs will allow you to extract EMZ files, they don’t have built-in support for this. Meaning you’ll have to open the program, manually navigate to the file and then extract it from within. 

Using online tools

There are a bunch of tools floating around on the internet that can be used to view and convert EMZ files. Coolutils and GroupDocs have two easy-to-use and quick EMZ readers. If you’re not into using an online tool, try out this Chrome/Edge extension to view and convert any EMZ files you want straight in your browser without even needing Windows. 

The aforementioned online tools can also be used for performing basic edits.

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How ot convert EMZ files?

The easiest way to convert an EMZ file is to open it in an online editing or viewing tool and convert the file right there. You can use Coolutils or GroupDocs (both linked above) or any other tool of your preference to extract and save the file in your desired format.

Alternatively, you can go the 7-Zip way and extract the file, open the extracted EMF file in an image editor and save that file into any format you want to use. 

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