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Outlook notifications not working: Quick Fix

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With everyone getting showered by emails daily, missing an important one just because you didn’t get a notification can be problematic. If you’re only getting your emails when you open Outlook and are not getting notified, we’ve got some solutions for you. 

Restart your PC

Sometimes, restarting your PC can help fix seemingly random issues with the programs you may be running. So if you’ve suddenly stopped getting notifications from Outlook, give your PC a restart and see if that helps the problem. 

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Update Office

An out of date installation can also cause several uncalled for bugs and glitches. Check to see if you’ve got any updates to your Office suite, and if you do, install them right away and restart your PC to see if that solves your problem. 

Check notifications in Outlook

Next up, check Outlook notification settings to see if you’ve got the right ones in place.

Step 1: Click File, followed by Options. 

Outlook notifications not working: 7 Fixes

Step 2: Head over to the Mail tab and scroll down to Message arrival. Make sure that the Play a sound and Display a Desktop Alert checkboxes are enabled. 

Outlook notifications not working: 7 Fixes

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Check Windows notifcation settings

Check Windows notification settings to ensure Outlook is allowed to send notifications. 

Step 1: Press Windows key + I to open Windows Settings and search for notifications. Click on Turn app notifications on or off from the search results. 

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Step 2: Under Get notifications from these senders, find Outlook and ensure the slider is enabled.

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This should fix your notifications. 

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Check Outlook notification rules

Incorrect notification rules can also cause problems with your notifications. 

Step 1: Click File followed by Rules and Alerts.

Outlook notifications not working: 7 Fixes

Step 2: Check if any rules might interfere with your notifications. If you don’t see any rules here, you’re good to go. 

Outlook notifications not working: 7 Fixes

Disable Focus Assist 

Windows’ Focus Assist disables all notifications to help you focus on the task at hand. Check to see if it’s enabled and hence blocking your notifications. All you need to do is open the notifications shade by clicking your notifications at the bottom right and check to see if Focus Assist is enabled.

Outlook notifications not working: 7 Fixes

If it is, disable it, and you should start seeing your emails again. 

Disable Battery Saver

Much like Focus assist, Battery Saver also cuts down on things your PC does to help save your laptop’s battery. Check the notifications shade as aforementioned to see if Battery Saver is enabled and if it is, disable it to see if you’re getting your notifications now. 

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