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What does ‘Found you via Homepage’ mean on LinkedIn?

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Linkedin is considered one of the most popular professional social networking platforms, free to join and use for everyone. Much like other social media platforms, it also suggests users with similar interests increase their users’ networks. 

Now, if you’re using LinkedIn, you’ll get alerts when someone sees your profile. There are several ways you can be found on LinkedIn listed as follows.

  • Via the Homepage.
  • Via your Linkedin profile.
  • Via LinkedIn Company Pages.
  • Via LinkedIn Search

These indicators show up under the person’s name who saw your profile. This gives you a clear idea of how well exposed you are to your target audience on Linkedin. 

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What does ‘found you via Homepage’ mean?

Well, as you can probably guess, this means that LinkedIn recommended your profile to a particular user on their homepage. 

It basically means that your profile appeared as a suggestion from LinkedIn on someone’s feed, and they visited it from there. You could have liked an article or commented on a post that any of your mutual connections shared. 

Either way, this is a good indicated of your exposure on LinkedIn. If you get many profile views stating ‘Found you via Homepage’, it means that you’re rather well connected and you’re getting good exposure to your target audience. 

On the other hand, if most of your views come from other sources, it could mean you’re not as well exposed to your LinkedIn audience as you could be, meaning you need to pick up your activity on the platform. Start commenting on posts, liking them and interacting with your feed in general. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you’ve enabled ‘Private mode’ on your LinkedIn profile, you’ll not be able to see how a user found out about your profile. Of course, if you see any profiles, they won’t even see your name.

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