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Top 7 free screen recorders for Windows 10

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Recording your screen has become an important part of a lot of different workflows. You could be making a gameplay highlight reel or recording a lesson for your class. Being able to record your screen without hassle is important.

In this article, we’re talking about the top seven free screen recording software you can get right now for Windows 10.

OBS Studio

One of the most popular recording and streaming software on the planet, OBS is legendary for just how easy it is to use and its ability to run on just about any computer. 

Top 7 free screen recorders for Windows 10 | Candid.Technology

You can configure just about every aspect of your recordings (or streams if you chose to go that way) and have it tuned down to the best performance possible for your specific configuration and whatever it is that you’re looking to record. 

You can download OBS Studio here

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Free Cam

As the name suggests, Free Cam is a rather basic screen recording software with a built-in video editor. It’s mostly focused on creating screencasts with ease. The software doesn’t place any watermarks or time limits on your recordings either. 

Top 7 free screen recorders for Windows 10 | Candid.Technology
You can download Free Cam here


ShareX is a productivity tool geared towards developers. There’s file sharing, screen recording and a bunch of other productivity tools built-in there, all for the cost of nothing. The interface, however, is quite complex and regular users might get lost trying to figure out how the software works. 

Top 7 free screen recorders for Windows 10 | Candid.Technology

The software is open source as well, which means there are hundreds of third-party plugins and custom uploaders that you can download and use.

You can download ShareX here

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If you only record your screen occasionally and don’t really want a full-blown screen recording program, this one’s right for you. Apart from not slamming a watermark in your videos and setting a recording limit, there are many other features that this software brings to the table.

Top 7 free screen recorders for Windows 10 | Candid.Technology

For example, Camstudio can automatically add captions to your videos. It has a picture-in-picture mode that lets you record from your webcam while recording your screen, and you have total control over the output of the video.

You can download CamStudio here


Ezvid claims to be the world’s easiest screen recorder and video editor. As you’d expect from software with such claims, the layout itself is quite basic. However, it does get its functionality right. 

Top 7 free screen recorders for Windows 10 | Candid.Technology

There’s an instant face cam and voice synthesis, a slideshow maker, a video editor, the ability to draw on the screen as you’re recording, easy to use video speed control and a lot more. 

You can download Ezvid here

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Lastly, another rather simple and easy to use screen recorder, SreenRec, uses cloud recording to help you share your recordings easily. The software uploads your videos to the cloud with 128-bit AES encryption (as claimed by the developers) as you’re recording and then gives you a link to share the video with whoever you want. 

Top 7 free screen recorders for Windows 10 | Candid.Technology

There are no watermarks or recording limits in place, you can click screenshots and videos with a single hotkey, and you get free, private cloud storage with every download. 

You can download ScreenRec here

Xbox Game Bar

Before you even look for a third-party screen recorder, try using the Xbox Game Bar. It’s built-in to every Windows 10 computer and at the press of a button gives you a bunch of recording and sharing abilities straight from your desktop. 

The recorded files are saved as MP4s, meaning you can import them straight into just about any editing software without conversions, and the whole process is quite seamless.

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