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GE ice maker not working: Quick Fix

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Being one of the largest appliance manufacturers and distributors in America, you can expect GE appliances to fit into the lifestyle choices of every American household. With the majority of the company being owned by Haier, you can expect GE appliances to have the finest features. However, not all machines can run error-free for long and if you have a GE refrigerator then you might have experienced issues with your ice maker.

In this article, we will be giving various fixes that you can attempt to restore your ice maker back to its original setting.

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Fixing the GE ice maker

Since there are diverse reasons that might cause an ice maker to stop working, let us dive into the fixes to help you get your ice maker sorted rapidly:

Check if the ice maker is switched on

Firstly, check if your ice maker is switched on, your GE refrigerator might have a mechanical arm or a switch that needs to be turned on or brought down. You can find this switch on the ice maker itself or on the digital display. Make sure that the ‘ice on’ icon is selected on a digital display and for the in-door ice dispensers, check if the indicator light remains on throughout when the ice dispenser flap and door switch are pressed.

Check proper temperature

Ice production will remain an incomplete task if the temperature of the refrigerator and ice maker is not set carefully. You can store your food at 37 degrees F in your refrigerator and the at 0 degrees F in your freezer. Additionally, having your freezer stocked up to three-quarters or completely can amp up the temperature and aid in ice formation.

However, if the freezer temperature is not set too high, it can form debris on the condenser coils and fan. Make sure they are clean and the temperature of your freezer remains stable.

Clean water filter

If your water filter is clogged with dirt then water flow will be restricted to the ice maker. Every six months, replace the water filter in your refrigerator. In case, your GE refrigerator has a sensor that will stop the working of the ice maker to indicate that the water filter requires a change. You can flush out the system to release trapped air bubbles in the ice maker.

Reset ice maker

Unless there is a defective part like frost on the evaporator coils which might indicate an issue with the defrost system, often ice makers have a reset button or an option on the digital display. You can also try switching off the refrigerator for five minutes to reset the ice maker. In case you are unable to find any reset button or option, check your GE refrigerator manual.

Also, check if your GE refrigerator has a diagnostic function that can identify what went wrong. You can refer to the manual for this as well.

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Water inlet valve and pressure

The pressure in the water inlet valve is an important part of the ice maker’s anatomy. Hence, keeping the water inlet valve defectless and the water pressure stable is compulsory. Some issues that can crop up around the same are:

  • An accumulation of mineral deposits in the inlet valve will make this part defective and in need of replacement.
  • You will also have to replace the valve if it is blocked, which can be identified by a hum coming from the refrigerator that will eventually block the water from filling the ice maker.
  • The valve might need replacing if there was an electrical failure as it controls the water supply to the dispenser and ice maker.
  • Check if the water supply line in the back of the refrigerator is working properly.
  • A water pressure of 20 psi is the minimum requirement for the steady functioning of the water inlet valve.

Check door switch

A door switch functions like a secret gatekeeper, it switches off the ice and water dispenser when the refrigerator door opens to prevent energy loss. So if you have accidentally left the refrigerator door open, the door switch will not turn out and the ice maker will not function. You can also use a multimeter to check if the door switch is working optimally.

Check ice bucket

Unlike the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, you do not need to pour ice water and cubes on anyone. The ice bucket in a GE refrigerator is used to dispense ice into the ice chute. For this, an ice bucket uses an auger motor to spin the auger blade to pop the ice out of the ice bucket. If the auger motor is not working, then the ice will not be pushed out of the ice bucket and into the chute.

There can also be a situation where the auger motor is working but the ice is not being dispensed due to damage to the ice bucket. In any situation, you can always replace the ice bucket and check the auger motor and fan for any cracks or wear.

Check the feeler arm

If your refrigerator has a mechanical arm on the ice maker, it needs to be in the down position for the ice maker to function. If the arm is not moving down, it might be due to a broken spring. You can replace the arm if you suspect it to be broken. The arm has to reach the lowest position and if it is unable to then there might be ice cubes in the way, this automatically stops the next harvest cycle.

Also, if the rake is stuck and is unable to eject the cubes from the ice mold, then the ice maker’s cycle will remain incomplete. Since an ice mold is slightly hot to successfully eject the ice cubes, be careful while handling the mold.

Check ice tray

Ice cubes form in an ice tray and if your GE refrigerator has a rotating ice tray then a crack on the same can stop the ice tray from rotating and dispensing the ice.

Check the ice level control board

Your GE refrigerator could have an infrared sensor that senses excess ice formation after ice reaches a certain level in the ice bucket, this is called as an ice level control board. If this board is defective, then it might cause the ice maker to malfunction and shut off the maker even before it reaches the set ice level. You might have to replace this faulty control board.

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