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How to get gems in Brawl Stars?

Earning gems is really tough in Brawl Stars as you have to play a lot of games to collect gems. Unless of course, you’ve got the moolah to buy your way through to the top, in which case the store always has gems that you could purchase to upgrade their heroes or trade them for coins to make other in-app purchases.

In this article, we will guide you through how to get gems for free in Brawl Stars and how to buy gems from the shop with real-world currency.

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Buy Gems from the in-game shop

If you want gems to upgrade your hero and have a lot of money to spend in the game then you can get it from the shop by following the steps below.

Step 1: Tap on the Shop icon (the first icon from the top in the left side menu of the screen).

How to get gems in Brawl Stars? | Candid.Techology

Step 2: The in-game store will open. The first screen will displays offers and discounts where you can find the some for gems too. If you think it is a good offer then buy it and if not then follow the next step.

How to get gems in Brawl Stars? | Candid.Techology

Step 3: Tap on the Resources option (the last option in the menu bar at the bottom of the shop screen). Swipe to the right and you’ll find gem packs starting at INR 159. Choose the gem pack as per your budget and proceed with the payment.

How to get gems in Brawl Stars? | Candid.Techology

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Get gems for free in Brawl Stars

Earn gems for free by completing different quests and unlock different rewards in the game.

How to get gems in Brawl Stars? | Candid.Techology

As shown above, you can play different events by tapping on the Events name, which appears beside the Play button at the bottom right corner of the screen, You can also collect Brawl boxes from the Brawl pass option at the bottom of the menu in the left side of the screen or select the Trophy road option, besides the profile icon at the top left corner of the screen to get gems.

Play events

Play all the events and earn points coins and brawl boxes with gems. As shown below there are many events available and new events will keep unlocking as the number of trophies you’ve earned increase.

How to get gems in Brawl Stars? | Candid.Techology

As shown below, you can collect brawl boxes and different rewards and you can see different quests from the quests option.

Keep in mind that the quests option will unlock at 300 trophies. So keep on playing and earn trophies to unlock more events and ultimately get gems.

How to get gems in Brawl Stars? | Candid.Techology

The more events you play, the better are your chances of getting more gems in Brawl Stars and upgrading your lineup to beat the others.

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