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Top 7 sites to download free PC games

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Top 7 sites to download free PC games | Candid.Technology

Who doesn’t enjoy playing games on a PC? The craze of PC games has been increasing ever since they debuted in the 1980s, but not everyone can pay for the games as they are becoming expensive with every new release, especially in the case of popular titles.

There are plenty of websites on the internet that are dedicated to the sole purpose of providing the netizens with games without charging a shilling. The websites mentioned below have an array of free games that one can download and play. Here’s our list of seven best websites to download free games.

But before you jump on the list and begin downloading the games, it’s important to note that freeware and shareware come with its cons, which can compromise the security of your PC. So, it’s recommended that you run a paid anti-virus that scans your PC and internet connection in real-time to avoid getting attacked by malware such as adware, ransomware, spyware, among others.

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Top 7 sites to download free PC games | Candid.TechnologyAllGamesAtoZ offers free download for games but requires email registration. It gives access to more than 100 games that are listed on the website. It has dedicated forums to discuss gaming, reviews, among other things. All the games listed are alphabetically arranged, making it easy to find a game.

This website is quite popular among people and one should check it out to download games for free. The only downside is the links of misleading webpages.

You can find AllGamesAtoZ here.

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Ocean of Games

Top 7 sites to download free PC games | Candid.TechnologyOne of the most popular and most controversial websites for downloading games on the internet, Ocean of Games provides an extensive, well-organised library of games. It offers new releases of games that are not made free for download by the developers, but it does not have the permission of copyright holders to distribute games freely.

The cons of download games from Ocean of Games is that it is not legal to download cracked versions of the latest releases and the website doesn’t have a good UI.

You can find Ocean of Games here.


Top 7 sites to download free PC games | Candid.TechnologyAcid-Play is of the most reliable gaming website on the internet. It has over 860 free games listed, and all of them are reviewed and are rated accordingly. These ratings help in confirming the quality of the game. It also features remakes of old classic games and has a reliable search feature.

The only thing the website lacks is the poor categorisation of games.

You can find Acid Play here.

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Top 7 sites to download free PC games | Candid.TechnologyMegaGames offers a wide variety of free games, demos, emulators mods for retail games and even patches for PC games. One just needs to login to use all the content on the website.

You can find MegaGames here.

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Top 7 sites to download free PC games | Candid.TechnologyGameTop has versions of PC games, which they claim are virus and malware-free, and doesn’t have ads either. You can also play free online games on the website. All the games that are listed are categorised by genres. The downloadable and flash games are updated regularly. The website also has games for Mac.

You can find GameTop here.

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Reloaded Abandonia

Top 7 sites to download free PC games | Candid.TechnologyIt is a free PC game website that has remakes of classic video games/indie titles and community made freeware games. The website has a nice layout with a description of each game with screenshots of the game. One can find games that are not available on any other website.

Though some links on the websites are broken, one can find a few hidden gems here.

You can find Reloaded Abandonia here.

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Top 7 sites to download free PC games | Candid.TechnologyThis website has plenty of free computer games that are downloadable and online games too. It also has some retail game assets like demos and trailers.

Though the website has an interactive interface and has no ads, limited search options and explicit content makes it a bit less favourable.

You can find here.

That concludes our list of the top seven websites where you can find free PC games. If you know any other good alternatives to the websites in this list, please tell us in the comments down below.

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