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Google Maps vs Google Maps Go: 7 things to know

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Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation apps for Android and with Android Go, which is designed to run on low-spec devices, Google has redesigned most of its popular apps into lighter version — Google Go, Gmail Go, YouTube Go, Files Go, Maps Go, and Assistant Go — to run on Android Go devices as well as other low spec Android phones. You can install these apps on any device from the Play Store.

Google Maps and Google Maps Go seem like identical versions of the app on the first look but are different on quite a few parameters. Here we compare the two apps based on app size, UI, settings, language, offline maps, real-time location and navigation support.

App Size

The difference between both the app sizes is vast. Google Maps Go weighs just 208KB. On the other hand, the standard Google Maps is 25-30MB depending on the device.

User Interface

The user interface of both apps is quite similar. If you download both the apps for the first time, you won’t notice much of a difference. There is a search bar provided at the top whereas, at the bottom, you can find quick actions alongwith two floating buttons on the right side of both the apps.27 Android Lite apps to get over your battery, data and storage issues On the Google Maps Go app, you will see that it supports pinch to zoom in maps but lacks gesture support for the navigation drawer. The user will have to tap the three-bar (hamburger) icon, which is located at the top-left corner to open the navigation drawer. Once you do that, you will find many options missing in the Go app like Start Driving, WiFi only, Offline Maps and many more. Google Go app supports multiple accounts too.

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Navigation Support

Maps Go doesn’t support turn by turn navigation like Google Maps. On Maps Go if you get the route information, tapping on the navigation button advises you to download the main Google Maps app.

Real-time Location

Sharing real-time location was one of the features which were added to the main app; however, it isn’t the same with the Go app.

Offline Maps

Google Maps Go doesn’t support offline maps, but it might be added in the future because well it is made for phones that have less processing power and areas with poor internet connectivity.Google Maps will now show traffic delays and transit crowdedness

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App settings

If you take a look at Maps, go you will find that the app has just three options under Settings: Google Location Settings, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service; whereas the main app has more than 15 options under settings. Some of them are Google Contacts and Photos on maps, map history, notification controls, distance units, navigation settings, and commute settings and much more.

App Language

The Maps Go app will let you switch the app language without having to change the language of your device, which is a requirement while using the main Google Maps app. Users can change the language directly from the home screen of the Maps  Go app. It is present under the Quick Actions menu. This app supports more than 30 languages.

If you’re running low on storage or memory, Google Maps Go is a great option to get you from point A to point B, though it’s relatively not as convenient as the standard Google Maps app, which houses additional features and should be your go-to option if memory and storage aren’t your problems.

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