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How do smart bulbs work?

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Smart bulbs are bulbs that you can control wirelessly via a remote, phone or other devices. Smart bulbs can be controlled from any room depending on the connectivity of the bulb and many smart bulbs come with different colours, so you can choose different colours as per your mood or you can set it on auto mode to change with time.

In this article, we have discussed what are smart bulbs, how they work and what are the pros and cons of using smart bulbs.

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How do they work?

Smart light bulbs are similar to regular bulbs, but you can control smart bulbs from any smart device like mobile phones, tablets and speakers too. The connection between the device and the smart bulbs is done with the help of a hub. The hub acts as a gateway between the smart bulb and the smart devices in your home like phones to help control the smart bulbs.

There are many smart bulbs that don’t need hubs to connect to mobile phones or other smart devices, the wireless technology built into the bulb sends a direct signal to the devices to turn it off and on and change colours.

Pros and Cons of having a smart bulb

Pros of having a smart bulb

Remote access your lights

You can access the smart bulbs remotely, you can turn off the lights without even getting out of bed. You can use voice commands to turn off the lights or just dim the lights.

Set different colours

Smart bulbs come in many colours, you can change the colour of the light through your phone according to your mood, it is actually a very fun feature of having a smart bulb.

Set routines or schedule

You can schedule when to turn on/off the lights. Set a routine time for the smart bulbs as per your own schedule.

Cons of having a smart bulb

Expensive Bulbs

The biggest con of having a smart bulb is that it is more expensive than regular bulbs, a normal LED bulb will cost you around $5 and a smart LED bulb will cost you around $15.

Needs stable WIFI connection

Most smart bulbs need to be connected to WIFI to work and if lose the WIFI connection then you might have to sit in the dark if you have no regular bulbs in your home.

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Should you consider one buying for your home?

Yes, you should. No doubt there is a price difference between regular bulbs and smart bulbs but smart bulbs are worth your money in the long run and they make your home much more classy and fun. They save more energy by the routine setup. Obviously, there are some cons to it too but everything works out differently for everybody so, you can give it a try and see how you like the smart bulbs in your home.

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