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How much data does Fortnite use on PC?

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Ever since its launch in July 2017, Fortnite has been popular among gamers for a number of reasons. The gameplay is fun and fast-paced, the game is stable and rarely has any bugs and not to mention the frequent tournaments that keep taking place.

However, just like any other modern game, Fortnite will also hog up a bunch of space on your storage drive. If you’re running an SSD with a particularly low storage capacity, you might not be able to install more than a few games at once. 

Then there’s also the issue of the data these games use. Now sure if you have WiFi, that’s not a problem at all. But more and more people are starting to play games with their mobile data connections given the excellent speeds they get. 

Not everyone has unlimited data and most such people are only limited to a few GBs a month. We all know how frustrating a slow connection can be in 2020 and hence, in this article we’re going to take a look at how much data does Fortnite use when you’re playing it on PC. 

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How much data do you need to download Fortnite?

The game download happens in two steps, first up, you’re going to have to download the Epic Game Launcher. This is Epic’s version of Steam and is only about 42.5 MBs

How much data does Fortnite use on PC? | Candid.Technology

.Once you’ve got the launcher up and running, now it’s time to install the game. Your initial Fortnite download will be around 28-29 GB. We highly recommend you find a proper, high-speed connection for this.

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How much data does Fortnite use per match?

On average, a match on Fortnite uses around 100-150 MB starting from when you drop onto the map to when you die and return to the lobby.

How much data does Fortnite use on PC? | Candid.Technology
Our usage as recorded by Windows after a single Fortnite match.

Now, of course, the more games you play in a row, the more data you’ll end up using. This also depends on how long you survive in the game starting from the moment you land from the bus. 

An hour-long session, with games averaging around 10-12 minutes each should cost you around 600-800 MB of data.

The game mode you play in also has little to no effect on your gameplay. We tried playing in both battle royale and creative mode but the data usage remained consistent.

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How much data do Fortnite’s patches and updates use?

This really varies from patch to patch but you can expect them to be anywhere between 1-11 GB. The latest update was in fact an 11 GB download. 

How much data does Fortnite use on PC? | Candid.Technology

Again, this is in accordance with most modern-day games. As our games get more and more detailed, it’s only logical that the game sizes and consequent updates/patches will also get bigger. 

However, since you can’t play the game unless you’re on the latest update, anything above a few GBs is going to be a problem. 

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