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How to disable incognito mode on Android?

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Incognito mode on Android devices allows users to browse the internet privately. In this mode, the browser will not save your browsing history and other personal data.

However, some users may want to disable the incognito mode for various reasons, such as parental control, security, or accountability.

This article will explore different methods to disable incognito mode on Android.

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Method 1: Exit the incognito mode manually

If you’re hesitant about installing new apps on your phone, you can use regular web browsers on your Android device.

Press the Triple-dot (hamburger) icon at the top right of the incognito tabs screen, then tap Close Incognito tabs.

This is more of a workaround as it does not disable the incognito mode, but you temporarily cancelled it.

Disabling incognito mode on Android can be achieved through different methods, each with advantages and drawbacks. Users must consider their needs and respect others’ privacy when choosing a method. Incognito mode is a valuable feature for private browsing, and disabling it should be done responsibly and with consent.

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Method 2: Using the Google Family Link app

Another method to disable incognito mode on Android is via the Google Family Link app. This method is particularly beneficial for families with children.

After downloading the app, tap the v button several times before pressing the Get Started button. You will be prompted to indicate who will use the phone with the installed app. As the parent, select the Parent option.

Now, enter your child’s Google account and continue the process by following the subsequent instructions.

Once the above steps are completed, Google Family Link will take care of the rest. Since you registered your child’s phone as a child account, the app will automatically disable the incognito mode on Chrome.

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Method 3: Using a third-party application

One simple method to disable incognito mode on Android is through various third-party apps on Google Play Store.

Apps like Incognito Away, BlockSite, or Incoquito, can detect and close incognito mode immediately when launched. Some apps offer additional features, such as setting a password or PIN code for accessing incognito mode or whitelisting specific websites for private browsing.


Simple and effective; no need to modify system settings or root the device. Easy installation and user-friendly interface.


The cons of using a third-party app to disable incognito mode on Android include:

  • Granting usage data permissions may compromise privacy and security.
  • Compatibility issues with certain devices or custom browser versions.
  • Potential battery drain and device slowdown due to background running.
  • Vulnerable to uninstallation or bypassing by knowledgeable users.

Therefore, if you’re opting for a third-party app, choose the one with a positive user review and ratings.

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