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How to stop verification required when installing free apps?

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Getting free apps on your phone should be easy, but Verification Required pop-up can annoy things. This security measure is designed to protect users and prevent unauthorised transactions. However, if you are tired of dealing with it and want a smoother experience, you can try a few methods to bypass the verification required when installing free apps.

This article discusses four ways to help you stop the verification required when installing free apps on your iPhone.

Below we have discussed:

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Why Does It Say Verification Required on the App Store?

Here are a few reasons that might be triggering the verification required in the App Store:

  • New Apple ID: If your Apple ID is new and you’ve never downloaded or paid for apps on your iPhone or iPad, you might need to verify your payment information.
  • Incorrect payment method: If the payment method linked to your Apple ID is wrong, you’ll need to verify your identity to download free apps or make purchases.
  • Invalid Credit card: If the credit card associated with your account is invalid, the Verification Required prompt will pop up because it can’t be verified.
  • Unpaid balance: If there’s an unpaid balance on your Apple ID, you won’t be able to download apps, whether free or paid, until the balance is settled.
  • Family sharing restrictions: If your Apple account is under Family Sharing, and the organiser has restricted your account, it could trigger the Verification Required prompt.

Stop verification required on the App Store

Here are four ways that will help you get past the verification required pop-up in the App Store:

Update payment method

If you come across the Verification Required message, it’s probably because your payment method has expired. To fix this, change the old payment method with a new one by removing the outdated information and adding the updated details. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the Settings app and tap on your name.
  • Tap on the Payment & Shipping option.
  • Tap the Add Payment Method option.
  • Select the new payment method and tap the Done button.

Remove the payment method

  • Now, to remove the old payment method, tap on the Edit option.
  • Tap on the Delete (red coloured) button.
  • Tap on the Remove button to confirm your action.

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Check for unpaid payments

If you have an unpaid balance, it will cause issues when you try to download apps from the App Store. To avoid this, make sure there’s no outstanding balance. Here are the steps to check the unpaid payments:

  • Go to the Settings app and tap on the Apple ID.
  • Tap on the Media & Purchase option.
  • Click on the View Account option.
  • Tap on Purchase History.
  • Check for any unpaid subscriptions and pay them to complete the process.

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Disable the require password in restrictions

After activating Screen Time on your iPhone, you can adjust the iTunes and App Store Purchases settings under Restrictions. You can eliminate the need for Verification Required on the App Store by permitting app purchases. Here are the steps:

  • Go to the Settings app on your phone and tap on Screen Time.
  • Tap on the Content & Privacy Restrictions option.
  • Tap on the iTunes & App Store Purchases option.
  • Tap on In-app Purchases and choose Allow, then tap on Don’t Require. After you are done, go back to save the changes.

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Relogin your Apple ID

As your last resort, you can try to log out and then log back into your Apple ID, which will refresh the connection and might solve the issue.

  • Go to the Settings app and tap on the Apple ID.
  • Scroll down, tap the Sign Out button and then confirm your action.
  • Log in back to your Apple ID and try to download the apps again.

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