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How to turn off Sticky Keys in Windows 11?

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Have you been peacefully working on your Windows laptop, and suddenly, your flow is interrupted by a glitch-like sound and a pop-up asking if you want to turn on Sticky Keys?

Sticky Keys is a keyboard feature created for ease of typing, but if you’re someone who doesn’t require it and wants to disable the feature, this article explores how to turn off Sticky Keys on Windows 11.

Before diving into how to turn it off, let’s look at Sticky Keys.  It’s a keyboard accessibility feature available in Windows, MacOS, and ChromeOS to aid the typing of keyboard shortcuts. This could benefit people with a physical disability or injury who find it difficult to press down modifier keys while executing keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl + C for copying items and Ctrl + S for saving a file.

Here are the topics we’ve covered in this article:

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Turn off Sticky Keys with the keyboard shortcut

You can quickly access the Sticky Keys dialogue box by pressing the Shift key 5 times.

Step 1: Press the Shift key 5 times until a pop-up appears. This pop-up or dialogue box lets you turn Sticky Keys on or off.

Step 2: Click Yes to turn it on. Click No to turn it off.

Turn Sticky Keys Off or On.

Turn off Sticky Keys with the quick settings menu

Step 1: Press the Windows and A keys (Win+A) to open quick settings.

Step 2: Click on Accessibility.

Step 3: Toggle the button next to Sticky Keys to either On or Off as per your preference.

Turn off Sticky Keys through the Quick Settings menu.

How to disable Sticky Keys in Windows 11?

The process for disabling Sticky Keys slightly differs for Windows 10 and 11 due to differences in the interface. Here, we are focusing on the process for the Windows 11 OS.

Step 1: Open Settings – Press (Win+I) to open Settings. Or click on the Windows icon in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, then click on Settings accompanied by the gear icon in the Start Menu.

Open Start menu, then tap Settings.

Step 2: Open the Accessibility tab – On the left panel, locate Accessibility and click on it.

Open Accessibility, then Keyboard.

Step 3: Go to Keyboard Settings – In the Accessibility tab, scroll down and tap on Keyboard under the Interaction section.

Access Sticky Keys.

Step 4: Disable Sticky Keys – Under the Keyboard tab, tap on Sticky Keys. Click the toggle button against the Keyboard shortcut for Sticky Keys to turn it off.

Disable Sticky Keys.

Once turned off, Sticky Keys will no longer be activated once you press the Shift key 5 times.

Alternatively, you can press the Shift 5 times. In the pop-up that appears, click on Disable this keyboard shortcut in Ease of Access keyboard settings. This will directly lead you to the Keyboard tab. From here, you can tap Sticky Keys and toggle the button to Off to disable the function.

Access Keyboard Settings through the Sticky Keys pop-up.

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