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Nespresso blinking orange light: Quick Fix

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Nespresso is made from a combination of two words Nestle and Espresso, Nespresso is an operating unit of Nestle Group, and it sells pod coffee and espresso machines. It is most popular for its coffee pods and espresso machines that can be used at the home, office and even at shops.

Many users are facing some issues related to the orange light blinking in the Nespresso machine, different tunes in the blinking of light mean different errors and issues in the machine and most of those issues have simple fixes.

In this article, we have discussed the causes of the blinking orange light in Nespresso and seven ways to help you fix the issue.

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What are the causes of the orange light blinking issue?

Many possible reasons that are causing the orange light blinking issue in your Nespresso machine are :

  • The machine needs cleaning.
  • The machine is overheating.
  • The machine needs descaling.
  • The machine needs a factory reset.

What do different intervals in orange light blinking mean and how to fix them?

The different tunes or intervals in the orange light blinking show different issues and they are explained below with the fixes:

If the orange lights blink two times per second

It means that your Nespresso machine needs cleaning. To clean your Nespresso machine follow the steps below:

  • Open the machine head and take out the capsules.
  • Clean the coffee grounds residue inside the machine head.
  • Take out the water tank and rinse it properly and then refill it will fresh water.
  • Clean the cup support.
  • Remove the capsule container and drip tray and clean them.
  • Now, close the head of the container and turn the handle left to lock it.
  • The machine will start heating up and when it’s heated it will indicate a steady white light and which means it’s ready for cleaning.
  • Now, push the brew button three times in two seconds to start the cleaning process.
  • It can take up to one minute for the water flow to appear, and then depending on your Nespresso model the cleaning cycle will take around two to five minutes.

It means that your Nespresso machine needs descaling. Descaling is really important for all coffee makers and you should do it every three to four months to keep it running smoothly. To start the descaling process follow the steps below:

  • Unplug the machine and remove the water tank and used capsules.
  • Put the descaling solution in the water tank and put the water tank back in the machine.
  • Plug the machine back in.
  • Now, press the descaling button present on your machine, it will take some time to complete the descaling process and when the descaling process is done the light will turn green.
  • After the descaling process is done, remove and clean the water tank and drip tray and then put them back in.

If the orange light blinks two times for one second and then off

This indicates multiple errors and you can check and do the things mentioned below to fix them:

  • Check the coffee capsule is placed properly.
  • Try replacing the coffee capsule with a new one.
  • Check if the head is closed properly or not.
  • Check whether the water tank has enough water to brew coffee or not.
  • Power reset the machine, unplug the power cord and wait for 10 seconds and then plug it back in and then start the brewing process again.

This also means that your Nespresso machine needs descaling, but this light indicates that the descaling really needs to be done quickly.

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If the orange light fades off and then on again like a pulse

This means the machine is overheating and needs to be cooled down. To let your machine cool down simply turn the machine off by pressing and holding the power button for three seconds and then press the power button again to turn it on and then leave your machine for at least 20 minutes before using it again.

If the orange light stays on for 1.5 seconds and then turns off for 0.5 seconds

This means the water level in the water tank is too low to make coffee and needs to be refilled. Remove the water tank and refill it with fresh water and then place it back in and start your brewing.

This means your machine needs a factory reset. To do a factory reset on the Nespresso machine follow the steps below:

  • Turn off the machine and then press and hold the Lungo button for five seconds.
  • The light will blink rapidly three times to confirm that the main has been reset to factory settings.

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