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Spotify Premium Family plan update brings enhanced parental controls

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Spotify Premium Family plan update brings enhanced parental controls

Spotify is adding new features to its Premium Family plan that intends to enhance parental controls by bringing the ‘explicit content filter’ setting alongwith features such as ‘family mix’ and ‘family hub’. The plan continues to support up to six members.

While the long-awaited explicit filter will allow parents to prevent songs marked explicit by Spotify from playing, the family mix will house a personalised playlist made from the listening habits of the family members that is updated regularly. Users will also be able to customise the playlist and add or remove songs, according to the company.

Another feature making it to Spotify Premium family plan is the family hub, which can be used to add or remove a user, keeping the house address up to date as well as customising parental controls. This feature can only be accessed by the primary user account used to pay the subscription fee.

The update has been rolled out in Ireland and will be available in other countries around September.

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“With our updated plan, Spotify Premium Family subscribers have on-demand access to 450,000 podcast titles and 50 million tracks of ad-free music. What’s more, parents will now be able to control the Explicit Content Filtersetting of all other accounts on their plan (these parental controls are a long-requested feature),” Spotify announced.

Spotify’s Premium Family plan is currently not available in India.

Spotify Premium Family plan update brings enhanced parental controls

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