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Spotify acquires music collaboration platform SoundBetter

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Spotify acquires Soundbetter for an undisclosed fee

Spotify has acquired SoundBetter, an audio collaboration and production marketplace that has over 180,000 registered users across 176 countries, for an undisclosed fee.

Founded in 2012, SoundBetter helps singers, songwriters, producers, mixing engineers and other musicians from across 14,000 cities worldwide to collaborate or hire each other’s services to create a track.

“As we build out our tools for creators, we want to give them the resources they need to thrive. SoundBetter has the same vision. We’re excited that creators can generate income through SoundBetter, as well as benefit from its network of top professionals — from instrumentalists to songwriters to producers — as they perfect their tracks.” said Beckwith Kloss, VP Product, Creator at Spotify.

Spotify for artists already provides insights, profile management and promotion tools to over 400,000 artists and with the acquisition of SoundBetter, the company brings more features to them that could help them generate additional income by offering their services or find collaborators and other musicians for hire too.

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Spotify acquires Soundbetter for an undisclosed fee

SoundBetter co-founders Shachar Gilad and Itamar Yunger

“SoundBetter offers the most comprehensive global marketplace for music and audio production professionals for hire in the world along with a member community spanning 176 countries and 14,000 cities worldwide,” said SoundBetter co-founder and CEO Shachar Gilad. “We are excited to benefit from Spotify’s global scale, resources, and vision to expand our network and drive more economic opportunities for artists of all levels.

“A significant percentage of marketplace sales on the platform is international. Just think of what we will be able to do in the audio industry as a part of the Spotify brand. We are thrilled with that potential,” Itamar Yunger, co-founder and CTO at SoundBetter, said in an interview to Spotify.

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