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Tower of Fantasy server error: Quick Fix

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Tower of Fantasy is an open-world, free-to-play RPG developed by the Hotta studio, it’s one of the very famous games packed with a lot of action, and you get a customisable character avatar and many customisable weapons.

It is an open-world game, so you can do much more than just complete the missions related to the game’s story; you can uncover secrets and complete different quests to gain weapons and other equipment.

The Tower of Fantasy server error ID: 5/10004 is the most commonly reported error; the error occurs on the login screen.

This article discusses the Tower of Fantasy server error and five fixes to help you resolve the server error.

What are the causes of the Tower of Fantasy server error?

With millions of people joining this game, filling the servers to their maximum capacity, this was bound to happen. Here are four possible reasons that are causing Tower of Fantasy server errors:

  • Server outages
  • Servers are overloaded with traffic.
  • Poor internet connection.
  • Firewall blocking access to the game.

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How to fix the Tower of Fantasy server error?

Here are five fixes for the Tower of Fantasy server error:

Check for the server status

This is the most common cause of a server error, so check for the server status in the game; you can check the server status by the indicators beside the server name.

  • Red: The server is full
  • Yellow: It is open but on the verge of overload
  • Green: It is open
  • Gray: It is down or under maintenance.

Check your internet connection

Sometimes the error might occur because your device has a poor internet connection. So you can contact your WiFi service provider for that.

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Run the game as Administrator

A windows program might be restricting your access to Tower of Fantasy; you can run the .exe file of the game as an administrator.

Exclude the game from the firewall

Most of the time firewall of a PC blocks many programs from connecting to the internet, so you can put the Tower of Fantasy in the exclusion; follow these steps to add the Tower of Fantasy .exe file in the exclusion:

  • Go to Start > Settings > Update and security > Windows Security > Virus and threat protection.
  • Click on Manage Settings below Virus and threat protection settings, and then on then scroll down and click on Add or remove exclusions below the Exclusion.
  • Click on Add exclusion and find the .exe file of the game and add it.


Sometimes the problem might be occurring in the servers of your location, the VPN will change your IP, and you can get good servers from the new location you have chosen.

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