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Twitter is testing a feature to enable people to “unmention” themselves

Twitter is testing a feature that would allow people to “unmention themselves” from tweets that they don’t want to be involved in without notifying the tweet author.

A privacy designer at Twitter, Dominic Camozzi, tweeted early concepts for the tool, which is focused on helping people control unwanted attention on the platform.

The tool will allow people to untag themselves from a conversation without notifying the author of the tweet. This is a one-time action, accessible via the ‘more info’ menu.

Twitter is testing a feature to enable people to "unmention" themselves
via Dominic Camozzi (@_dcrc_)

Twitter is also testing an extension to the unmention feature that will send a special notification to the person if someone they don’t follow mentions them. If people choose to unmention themselves using this notification, the tweet author won’t be able to mention them again.

Twitter is testing a feature to enable people to "unmention" themselves
via Dominic Camozzi (@_dcrc_)

People will also have the option of restricting certain accounts or everyone from mentioning them temporarily; and control mass mentions.

Twitter is testing a feature to enable people to "unmention" themselves
via Dominic Camozzi (@_dcrc_)

Last week, it was revealed that Twitter is working on its next monetisation tool called Super Follows to bring a Patreon-like subscription service for creators on the platform. Anyone with more than 10,000 followers, 25 published tweets in the past 30 days and older than 18 can offer the paid Super Follow subscription.

Twitter has been working on bringing monetisation opportunities for creators on the platform following their acquisition of Scroll and Nuzzel. Last month, Twitter introduced a new payment feature called Tip Jar, which will allow users to send and receive tips on the platform. Tips can be sent through third-party payment services, including Paypal, Patreon, Cash App, Venmo and Bandcamp. While Twitter will not receive any percentage of the tips, these third-party services may charge a fee.

Earlier this month, the social networking platform also released Twitter Blue in Australia and Canada, a subscription service that gives more perks to Twitter users, including Undo tweet, Bookmark Folders and Reader mode for Threads. The subscription is available for $3.49 in Canada and $4.49 in Australia and is expected to roll out to more markets over the year depending on its performance in the two countries.

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