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How to use your iPad in Split Screen mode?

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How to use your iPad in Split-Screen mode? Tips and Tricks

Apple released iPadOS this year, which promised to bring iPads closer to laptops with multitasking and PiP modes, among several other cool features. One of the most useful and popular additions to the compatible iPads with the iPadOS update has been the split-screen view, which allows the user to work on two apps simultaneously and switch them using gestures.

Like the one seen on macOS, a dock was introduced to iPads with the new OS. The left side of the dock is customisable, while the right side has the recently opened apps. The dock is an essential part of the entire split-screen experience as users can only switch between apps available on the Dock while in the split-screen mode on the iPad.

If you wish to add an app to the Dock, hold an app on the home screen for a while and drag it to the left side of the dock. To remove an app from the left side of the dock, touch and hold the app for a while and then drag it off.

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How to enable split screen on iPad?

To use your iPad in split-screen, you’ll need to ensure that the multitasking features are switched on in your iPad’s Settings. Go to your iPad’s settings and follow the steps mentioned below.

How to use your iPad in Split Screen mode?
  • Tap on General.
  • Then on Multitasking & Dock.
  • On the next page, tap on the toggle button beside Allow Multiple Apps and Picture in Picture to enable split screen mode on iPad.

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How to use your iPad in split-screen?

To enable split-screen, make sure you have got the apps you wish to use simultaneously placed in the dock. Follow the steps below to use your iPad in split-screen. This can be done both from the home screen as well as in-app. Follow the steps below to open two apps and use them on your iPad at once.

How to use your iPad in Split Screen mode?

Step 1: Slide your finger slowly from the bottom of the screen upwards until the dock appears on the screen (when in-app).

How to use your iPad in Split Screen mode?

Step 2: Touch, hold and slide the app icon upwards of the second app you want in the split-screen mode until it appears in an overlay, also known as Slide Over (as shown in the screenshot below).

How to use your iPad in Split Screen mode?

Step 3: Now touch and hold the little navigation bar at the top of the overlay app and move it to either side (towards the edges of the screen, near the middle), where you’d like it to appear in the split-screen mode.

How to use your iPad in Split Screen mode?

You’ll be able to use the two apps side-by-side in split-screen on your iPad. You can also Slide over a third app while you’re working on the two in your split-screen view. Videos from streaming services such as Netflix or YouTube that use PiP will also overlay on the split-screen while you’re using the two apps.

If you wish to get rid of one of the apps from the split-screen, simply touch, hold and slide the navigation bar in the middle towards the side of the app you wish to close.

How to use your iPad in Split Screen mode?

Ps. You don’t necessarily need to open the other app while the first one is being used; it just felt more convenient to us for the screenshots. You can do the same from the home screen as well; the dock is already visible there, so you can skip the first step.

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