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What happens when you block a number on your iPhone?

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How to block calls on iPhone? Via Phone and Settings

Junk mails might’ve become a thing of the past, but the last decade has given more ways to companies to reach out to you with their marketing campaigns, offers and coupons and one of these sit right in your pocket — your smartphone. While none of us would complain about a well-meaning discount coupon from our favourite brand, the sheer amount of companies and third-party marketing agencies who have access to your phone number — in addition to your physical address — translates into an insane amount of junk calls, messages, emails and even push notifications, which definitely becomes overwhelming.

Like most other smartphones, Apple’s iPhone also allows users to block phone numbers, including those from their contact list to avoid unsolicited correspondence.

What’s even better is that you don’t need to block people from every method of communication — text, calls, Facetime. Simply blocking a number from the iPhone will be enough to stop all the communication. If you’re blocking a contact on your iPhone that includes an email address in its details, they won’t be able to send you emails too.

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If you block a number or a contact on your iPhone, they won’t be able to call you, send you a message or Facetime you.

Keeping this in mind, if ever a friend, colleague or family member complains that they aren’t able to reach you but all seems fine with your iPhone, it’s quite possible that due to an incorrect touch you might’ve ended up blocking them.

You can check out our guides here to block someone on iPhone to stop them from communicating with you and also how to find the people you’ve blocked, and if need be, unblock them.

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