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How to answer iPhone calls on other Apple devices?

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If you have ever spoken to an Apple enthusiast, the term “ecosystem” often enters the conversation. To summarise, it refers to how your Apple devices sync together via iCloud, which allows functions to continue from one device to another seamlessly.

An example of this is the Continuity feature, where a shared Apple ID allows you to unlock your Mac with an Apple Watch, extend your Mac workspace with an iPad or answer calls and respond to texts on other Apple devices, to name a few.

This article will guide users on how to set up iPhone Cellular Calls, which allows them to make and receive calls from their iPad, iPod touch or Mac when connected to a network shared with their iPhone.

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How to set up iPhone Cellular Calls?

You can relay calls to any Mac, iPad or iPod touch kept within close proximity to your iPhone using this feature. Before continuing, ensure your devices are set up as mentioned below.

  • Sign in to iCloud and FaceTime with the same Apple ID.
  • Have their WiFi activated and connected to the same network as your iPhone.

Note: iPhone Cellular Calls will not work if other devices are connected to your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot.

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Configuring iPhone to relay calls

  • Open Settings and locate Phone sub-section.
  • Tap on Calls on Other Devices.
  • Turn on Allow Calls on Other Devices
How to answer iPhone calls on other Apple devices?
iPhone XR running iOS 14.1

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Configure other devices to make or receive calls

On iPad and iPod touch

  • Open Settings and locate FaceTime sub-section.
  • Turn on Calls from iPhone.
How to answer iPhone calls on other Apple devices?
iPad running iPadOS 14.1

On Mac

Step 1: Open FaceTime and locate Preferences.

How to answer iPhone calls on other Apple devices?

Step 2: Click on Settings, locate Calls From iPhone and toggle it on.

How to answer iPhone calls on other Apple devices?

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How to make or answer calls on iPad, iPod touch or Mac?

To make a call

Open Contacts or use Spotlight Search to look up a contact and tap on the phone number.

To receive a call

Swipe, tap or interact with the notification banner to answer or dismiss incoming calls.

If your iPhone is set up with two SIMs, calls made from an iPad, iPod touch or Mac will use your default line. Read our guide linked below to learn how to configure Dual SIMs on your iPhone.

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What devices support iPhone Cellular Calls?

To use iPhone Cellular Calls, your mobile will have to be on iOS 8.1 or later and have a working SIM. With this, you can relay calls to the following devices.

  • Mac computers running OS X Yosemite or newer version.
  • iPad or iPod touch using iOS 8 or later.

Mac Mini and Mac Pro require an external headset or microphone to transfer audio.

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