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Quick guide to create a watch face for your smartwatch

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Just like the home screen on our computers or smartphones, watch faces are something that we tend to see a lot in a day and similar to the other gadgets, it makes sense if you want to customise your smartwatch’s home screen display too. In a previous article, we talked about a great third party watch face store called Facer. You can find some pretty awesome watch faces for pretty much every smartwatch out there.

However, it doesn’t end there. The Facer platform also allows you to make your custom watch faces. In this article, we’re going to build a watch face using the Facer Watchface builder and explore its features.

Note that while the watch builder offers great functionality, some of the better parts of it are, understandably, paid. Here, we’ll only be playing around with the free ones. Using Facer, you can create a custom watch face for your Galaxy Watch, Apple Watch as well as any other watch running Tizen or WearOS.

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Building a custom watch face

Enough said, let’s get started with our watch face.

Step 1: Goto the Facer Watch builder website

You can find the Facer Creator here

Step 2: Select the base watch and dial. In this example, I’m going to choose the blank TizenOS template.

Now that you’re in the creator, you’ll see all the tools you can play around with to customise your watch face. Let’s go ahead and create a very cool Candid.Technology watch face shall we?

Step 3: First up, I’m going to set the background to a sparkling white.

Step 4: Now let’s load up our logo as the background image. I’ll also add a shadow effect to it, shrink it down, and drag it to the left.

Step 5: Next up, click on ‘Add Element’, select Progress and then Battery Level.

We’ll customise this just like we did with our image.

Step 6: To let the user know what this bar is about, we’ll also add some text in the same fashion.

Step 7: Repeat the above steps to add a step counter dial as well. It can be anything you want; I’ll just add a 10k step goal dial.

So this is how our watch face looks like at the moment. However, it’s not a very useful watch face until it tells the time right?

Step 8: Let’s add date and time just like we did with the progress bars.

And we’re done with the watch face.

Step 9: Now to export this face to your watch, click on the send to watch button at the bottom right. And you’ll have your watch face synced to your watch instantly. The watch face will also show up under ‘My Designs’ in the Facer App on your phone

Note that you need to have Facer installed and logged in on both your phone and watch for this step to work.

Step 10: If you want to share the watch face with your friends, click on the ‘view in showcase mode’ button just above the Send to watch button and you’ll be able to show off your design in style

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Yadullah Abidi

Yadullah Abidi

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