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How to delete your YouTube channel?

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YouTube is one of the most exciting spaces on the internet concerning videos right now as there are millions of channels catering to billions of audiences.

If you had created a YouTube channel, but it didn’t work out or have to delete your channel for some other reasons, here we’ve created a short and simple guide to help you remove your channel from YouTube. If you’re unsure about deleting the channel, but want to hide it from the public, you can do that too — scroll to the end of the article to get your guide on how to hide your YouTube channel and what happens when you do that.

Once you delete your channel, you’ll permanently delete your subscriber list, comments that were made on YouTube via the channel, replies and thumbs-up on comments, messages, and search and watch history.

Note: This guide is for deleting a YouTube channel and not an account. If you wish to delete your YouTube account, check out our guide here.

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How to delete your YouTube channel?

Log in to your YouTube account via PC or smartphone and follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Click on your profile picture, located on the top-right of the screen. From the drop-down menu, click on Settings.How to delete your YouTube channel? | Candid.Technology Step 2: On the next page, click on View advanced settings.How to delete your YouTube channel? | Candid.TechnologyStep 3: On the next page, click on Delete channel (located at the bottom of the page). You’ll then be asked to re-enter your password — do that and follow the next step.How to delete your YouTube channel? | Candid.Technology Step 4: You’ll be presented with two options on the new page — I want to hide my content, and I want to permanently delete my content. Click on the down-facing arrow beside the latter and then click on Delete My Content.How to delete your YouTube channel? | Candid.TechnologyOn the next page, Google will prompt you to download your uploads to save them somewhere in case you need it for later since deleting your channel will remove your uploaded content from YouTube too.

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Don’t want to delete your YouTube channel? Hide it

As mentioned above, if you’re not ready to remove your YouTube channel yet and want some more time to think over it, you can hide your channel. Follow the same steps as mentioned for deleting your channel, except when on Step 4 (mentioned above), click on the arrow besides I want to hide my content and then click on Hide My Content.How to delete your YouTube channel? | Candid.TechnologyHiding the content of your channel will still display your channel page, name, art, icon, likes and subscriptions. Your uploads won’t be deleted.

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