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Google Opinion Rewards explained 

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How to get free Google Play credit? It's as simple as installing an app

Google Opinion Rewards is a complimentary app designed by Google that allows you to make money by participating in brief surveys. This app allows you to earn Google Play credit or PayPal cash, depending on your country and preference.

In this article, we’ll delve into what Google Opinion Rewards offers, how it operates, tips to maximise survey opportunities and earnings, and how you can utilise the money you accumulate.

What are Google Opinion Rewards?

Launched in 2013, Google Opinion Rewards is available for Android and iOS devices in over 30 countries.

The app tailors surveys to your location, interests, and online behaviour, covering various topics. These surveys are typically short, comprising one to five questions, and can touch on various aspects, from your shopping habits and opinions on products/services to travel plans and personal preferences.

So basically, you are voluntarily giving your data and preferences to Google in return for monetary benefits.

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How do Google Opinion Rewards work?

To begin using Google Opinion Rewards, download the app from either the Google Play Store or the App Store and sign in with your Google account. Ensure that location services are enabled on your device since some surveys rely on your current or past locations.

Once installed, you will receive notifications when surveys become available. Additionally, you can check the app anytime to find new survey opportunities.

Head to our detailed article on the working of Google Opinion Reward here.

How to get free Google Play credit? It's as simple as installing an app

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How to get more Google Opinion Rewards surveys?

While the frequency of receiving surveys from Google Opinion Rewards depends on factors beyond your control, you can increase your chances of getting more surveys and earning more money with some helpful tips:

Answer honestly and consistently

Google’s advanced algorithms can detect insincere or random responses. Being truthful and consistent in your answers will ensure a better chance of receiving future surveys.

Enable notifications and location services

You’ll receive surveys tailored to your interests and location by activating notifications and location services.

Additionally, visiting certain places like stores, restaurants, hotels, or attractions may trigger more relevant survey opportunities.

Complete surveys promptly

Surveys expire, and waiting too long might result in missing out on potential opportunities. Some surveys also have limited participants, so promptness is the key.

Utilise Google products and services

Increased usage of Google products like Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Chrome, Search, or Photos may lead to more surveys related to these services.

Update your profile information

You should keep your demographic information up-to-date within the app settings to allow Google to match you with surveys that align with your data.

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What can you buy with the money from Google Opinion Rewards?

The money accumulated through Google Opinion Rewards provides you with various possibilities:

Google Play Store purchases

You can use the Opinion Rewards money to buy apps, games, movies, books, music, subscriptions, and other items on the Google Play Store.

In-app purchases

Some applications and games offer various in-app purchases for their premium features. This can be covered using your Google Play credit.

PayPal Cash (in supported countries)

If PayPal is available in your country, you can receive your rewards in your PayPal cash.

Just link your PayPal account to your Google Opinion Rewards account in the app settings and transfer your rewards whenever you wish. PayPal cash can be used for various online transactions supported by PayPal.

Google Opinion Rewards is an excellent opportunity to earn extra money by participating in straightforward surveys curated by Google. With the ability to utilise your earnings for purchases on the Google Play Store or via PayPal Cash (in supported countries), this app offers a user-friendly and rewarding experience.

Follow the suggested tips to maximise your survey opportunities and earnings while enjoying the perks of sharing your opinions with Google.

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